Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The Balloon That Hoped, Rose (again) on a New Journey

For this week's prompt over at dVerse - write a quadrille with the word 'hope' used anyway you want to. My attempt also includes some of the previous quadrille words (and today's bing home page features a balloon, albeit descending, and surely to rise once again soon someday)

I hear Hope say
Dance the fear away.
Skip-twist and it’s but an echo
Still another
            lulls the storm to a drizzle; Now, let go!
Your dream that was once a whisper
Now sparks-shimmers,
giggles, grins, spills open free
rising in the spring breeze


  1. Wonderful use of many of the Q words!

  2. I adore this opening:

    "I hear Hope say
    Dance the fear away."


  3. Oh I do love this.. so full of joy. Hope can put that bounce in your step.

  4. Nice optimistic poem of dancing away fear with hope.

  5. Lovely. My favorite line: "Your dream that was once a whisper
    Now sparks-shimmers"


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