Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Where did Tuesday go?

For Haibun Monday at dVerse Poets Pub

Little One
I lift my face to the mist as uncle leads me safely across the busy street. Mom or amma as I call her has been away but both my uncles (her younger brothers) have kept me occupied so I don’t miss her. Now I am just few moments away from seeing her. Soon, we enter the building that smells like Dettol, through white passageways, and enter a room where uncle says mom is, along with someone else I would love to see. I see a white cradle and peer into it and burst into smiles. 
Raindrops pattering
outside my window bring smiles
sweet memories
This is my first time working on this form, and the theme is childhood memory - mine, as you can possibly guess (or maybe not), is a beautiful memory, and at times, I feel like it is just a dream I had, but I know it happened  - the day when I went to visit my baby brother in the hospital. I was three years and one week old the day my brother was born (yes, we celebrate our birthdays one week apart). It has been raining here the past few days, long overdue for us in drought-ridden California; and with the rains outside and this prompt for the haibun, the first childhood memory I recalled was my earliest one - the one I have written about above.

For Teaser Tuesdays, from 'Fan Art' by Sarah Tregay
"Karma has you working for me this summer. You can mow lawns on weekends."


  1. Good first Haibun. Sweetly written.

  2. What a lovely memory... I'm so close in age to my baby sister so I have no memories of not having her around.

  3. That should be a memorable moment--a child meeting her sibling for the first time.

  4. So glad you remember it - I fear my older one does not, he was too close in age to his sibling.


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