Thursday, January 19, 2017

Thursday Thirteen once again

1. Over at dVerse today, we are repeating ourselves over at d’Verse Poets Pub - I’ll Say It Again (and Again and Again)


She beckoned, she did
With her ruby lips, her kohl-rimmed eyes
She beckoned, she did
Least that’s what I surmise
She beckoned, she did
on a moonlit night of clear skies
she beckoned, she did
‘outside’, she said, or else you die
she beckoned, she did
sighed, stayed inside,
alas, had sighed my ever last sigh..
she beckoned, she did
and I –well, I lied
2. For Signs, Signs
A photo taken at a shopping center by hubby on a business trip to Seoul.
 A photo of our hotel room number /outside the door.. we stopped..

 my little girl and her littler cousin looked at how to draw videos and came up with this..

I picked the prompt 1. The last time my heart melted was because…
my little girl (not so little anymore as she will soon be 11) made this beautiful poster for her room.
And since this is a 'writing workshop' prompt, more is written about this here.

6. My recent trip to Michaels, I saw Pinewood Derby Kits on display and reminded me of my son's Derby cars (he is a Boy Scout now) and we do miss the Pinewood Derby races from our Cub Scout times. Here is one of the cars he built (circa 2011)

 7. Bingewatching? Do you bingewatch? I do. Some shows I have bingewatched over the last year include 'Gilmore Girls', Limitless, Fuller House

8. When I am not bingewatching(actually the other way around), I am reading. And current reads - 20000 leagues under the sea, Fan Art, The Lottery

9. Else, I am looking at photos from the past (when I should have been uploading photos to share)

10. Or discovering new memes...

11. Or new reading challenges

12. And this is my second Thursday 13 (you can see I need practice, and need to work on this better)

13. My first post is for Thursday 13 is here..


  1. beautiful poem and interesting pictures. Thanks for sharing and stopping by my blog. Take care Bee

  2. Nice job with repetition in your poem. I also enjoyed the photos. Hope to see more of your work here at dVerse.

  3. Lovely photos coupled with a heart-stirring write!!❤️

  4. I really loved the conclusion... I read it with a very long caesura before lied

  5. she beckoned she did. I ljust love that, like a good old fashioned "folk" song. Loved the photos as well.

  6. Glad to see you're playing. I like the mix of poetry, visual and and catch-ups.

  7. You have a lovely offering here this week. Thank you for it. Love your R and R space. Especially loved the reflection on the glass.. I'm learning the way around Thursday 13, too.


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