Saturday, January 14, 2017

Super Saturday - How Old Ideas can be Dusted, Cleaned Up, and Renewed Again; and other things

Coming up with titles for my posts has been one of the toughest things for me always. Do you experience this as well? Do let me know how you come up with titles for your posts daily - any tips are welcome :)

So today, as I was updating my About Me page along with a page for the Challenges and Memes I take part in as part of my to-do list for Bloggiesta, and continue my UBC journey, I noticed my old 'About the Blog' page as well and remembered I once had a theme for each day of the week, back when I was posting more regularly! I decided to use that for the blog title today, partly because I am unable to think of anything else, and partly because I do want to start working on my blog with the themes for each day again. That helped me in the past and will hopefully do so again. You can see all these pages (About Me, About the Blog, Challenges and Memes) on the top of my blog posts now.

For Six Word Saturday,
Renewing Old Ideas Can Be Fun!

For Saturday Snapshot, it is cold outside and some of the first things I think of is the foods that we love on days such as this - a cup of chai with spicy, fried Indian snacks like pakodas or samosas; or even corn roasted over coals and spiced with a mix of spices and some lemon juice! Here are two different photos of corn - both taken on two different trips to India, one at a beach in Bombay (Mumbai) and the other near India Gate in Delhi.


  1. Pakodas in winter- the best comfort food!

  2. I think that themes are an excellent way to write every day. Good luck!


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