Tuesday, January 31, 2017

One, two, three, four, and more - Goals and their progressions..

So how did I do one month into 2017: oops!
1. One a day - my one sentence journal - I did not do this at all, if I am honest.. an embarrassing 5 days out of 31 though I did natter one for a paragraph or so to make up for lost days couple of times;  but I did better at photos - between using my iPhone and my camera, I think I did do this for more than half the time. 
2.  So, two letters - handwritten - realized I did not specify the period - week/month/year ; and hopefully I meant year :) A blogger friend has invited me to a letter writing challenge so maybe I will give it a go....
3. Three posts a week - Yay!! Accomplished this - thanks to the Ultimate Blogging Challenge, I posted everyday this month. 
4. Exercise four times a week - Not at all :( As someone's FB post said, month one was a trial period; month two, here I come....
5. Five Reading challenges - Yes, I am working towards this and have worked on some of them diligently; for others hope to catch up soon - my list of challenges are here
6. Six poems a month -Yes!!Thanks to dVerse Poets Pub (my favorite pub anywhere, really, considering my drinking consists of sipping champagne/wine for a few toasts over the past few years)! My poems this month were exactly at six so far and I am working on #7 (hopefully!)
7. Seven non-fiction reads for the year - yes! I can do this; will not count the essays I am reading (at least for now) since that will make it too easy
8. Eight glasses of water a day - not too bad on this one; have not done it everyday maybe but mostly good - I try to drink different herbal teas each time I remember so it is not like, just water..
9. Nine items from the 52 weeks, 52 list - need to start on this consciously - starting now
10. 10000 steps everyday - sadly, not at all - like #4, month 2, here I come
#s11 and 12 are items I hope to achieve as well - more consciously (sleep better/smile more/be more selfish/be more selfless!)

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  1. I am glad you are reaching some of your goals. That is a great. Don't dispare on the ones you didn't. Keep tryinga nd you will meet them. Some take a little bit longer to meet than others.


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