Saturday, January 9, 2016

Wandering minds et al.

It is nine days into 2016 and as I look at my list of resolutions and what I have done so far, I am telling myself - “don’t beat yourself about it”. The ‘it’ being the fact that resolutions are not made to be kept.  I sat down to write this post and my mind keeps wandering - I seem to be making one of the mistakes I tell my kids not to – get distracted.  As I type in words, some words remind me of another thing I had or have to do and instead of continuing on the post, I jump to the other task. And when I get back to this, well, of course, it is not good. 

But my word for the year though is consistency, so I am going to keep trying. I have been pretty good at a few of the resolutions so far – I managed to take a photo(s) everyday and am keeping my one-sentence journal too; and I have worked between the 10000 steps and exercising (realized that was a rather foolish goal to have both the 10000 steps everyday and exercise few times a week – I will stick to walking on the days I don’t exercise :)). I gifted myself a Just Dance 2016 for the New Year to help with this resolution and am enjoying it so far.  Dancing with the kids is fun too and we take turns picking the songs – Uptown Funk is one of my favorites so far.  And I have picked up a couple of non-fiction books to read for this month.  I am sure I will be successful at a couple of others too
Now I only need to step up on the blogging path and keep at it – make it a fun journey for myself so I can enjoy it.  If I can only make sure I don’t distract myself, I know I can, I know I can! 

So what is it that you do to keep focused? To not get distracted?  Do let me know in the comments, something you say might just be the answer for me.
Next steps so I will stick to blogging for now:
  • Comment, comment, comment – on other people’s posts ; and in the beginning, also try to respond to comments on my posts but definitely visit them and check their blogs as well (and comment) - meaningful comments only..
  • Make up a list of books for my book challenges and post them
  • Start with reviewing books that I read in the last few weeks, especially the ones from NetGalley and post mini-reviews each week
  • TODO: Make a schedule for myself for each day; and one for the week (that really helped me in the past when I managed to blog actively)
  • Memes – join the ones I really enjoyed in the past and if possible, pick a couple of new ones to join.
I will post the list of memes, of books in my next post (soon, I promise)

For 6WS, here are my 6 - the ones I am feeling most like telling myself right now: 
"I know I can; I shall"

For the Friday Photo Journal at Serendipity is Sweet, and for SaturdaySnapshot at West Retro Mommy Reads,  here is a photo collage of the past few days - my One-a-day!
The photos above from Top Left, going clockwise: backyard beauty, a lunchbox note to my DD on Whipped Cream Day (Jan 5th!),  a string garden (a gift we enjoy looking at everyday), as we said goodbye to our tree, balloon wars,  bird on a bare branch, mistletoe, another lunch-note, bye until dec 2016..

For Book Beginnings at Rose City Reader and Friday 56 at Freda's Voice (some of the memes I took part in earlier)

The envelopes arrived during the uncertain hours of Thursday morning - those dark, early hours between tomorrow and yesterday, between not-quite-yet and nevermore. 
  - pg 1

The wind whipped Pru's hair about her face, and thunder boomed as she and ABE stood outside the gates of the mansion that afternoon. 
  - pg 56
This book was on the new books display shelves of the kids section at a local library. My little girl and I ended up there entirely by chance today - just to spend a little less than an hour because of a cancelled class for her and while we waited for her brother to finish his class - and between the two of us, we found wonderful books we just needed to take home with us. The problem was that I had a library card from this library from over 7 years ago when we lived in that area - the solution, we got ourselves a new card, checked out the books and came home richer and happier! The reason this book caught my eye was its cover and most importantly, its title. And while getting to page 56 for me was hopefully not a spoiler of any sorts, I have just started the book and the beginning lines are certainly ones hinting at a wonderful book, don't you agree? 

And though wandering minds might not always be best when we need to complete a task, wandering paths (and minds) sometimes might just surprise us!


  1. Thanks for sharing your nice photos and that book jacket
    Thanks for dropping by my blog.

    much love...

  2. Sounds like your working towards good goals. I like to think of them as goals not so much resolutions because than I don't feel so bad if I don't achieve them all. However it's early so lots of time to figure it out. I have a lot of the same goals for 2016. I'm not familiar with your book this week but it does sound interesting. I hope you have a great week. I know you can do it. =D

  3. Balloon wars looks like fun! :-)
    The book looks like a lot of fun too! Happy Sunday!

  4. Great pictures! My kids would go wild for those balloon swords!

  5. Wonderful pictures! Have a great week!


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