Sunday, February 1, 2015

Consistency is Key - Will Weekly Resolutions Help?

And there I go again...consistency is key (and I seem to be pretty consistent at not being so). One of the best tips I read in an article earlier this month is to - well, just do it (first thing rather than make time for it - whatever it is we want to do - in this case, blogging).
So, I enter the month of February with this in mind and hope to accomplish what I had put in as a goal in my previous post - one post a day. Joining BlogHer's NaBloPoMo for February is one thing I am doing to help towards that - you can join in as well by heading over here to NaBloPoMo's February Blogroll (until Feb 5). The theme for February at BlogHer is 'Make' and I am making a resolution to blog everyday this month!
 And while I am at it, make resolutions for the year - I planned not to make resolutions this year and realized that even if I was pretty bad at keeping the ones last year, at least I tried for a few weeks and I think that was better than nothing at all. So for this year, a little something different - weekly resolutions - I found a few interesting lists - and I will make my own list picking from these and post them here tomorrow. So though I lost a few weeks this year, my year of resolutions begins now! 



  1. Good luck with your resolutions! I live the '52' theme.

  2. Good luck, I joined the challenge and will be blogging every day this month as well.

    1. thanks,, i need it.. end of day 2 and i need to put my post up is coming:)

  3. I will be watching for your posts. You can watch for mine....heehee


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