Thursday, November 28, 2013

Treasure Trove of Thanks Thursday

For ABC Wednesday's letter T, for Theme Thursday's word Thankful, and for today, a day to give Thanks, Thanks for all that is good - in our lives and in the world, and a special thanks to all the readers of my blog who make my day, everyday! There is definitely always something to be Thankful about...
One more for ABC Wednesday's letter T, for Theme Thursday's word Thankful, and for dVerse's Meeting the Bar where we explore unlikely comparisons
Written years ago as a "recipe", and now modified a bit and broken down into a free style poem..

 Life is a cake
Let us bake a cake of life
To begin, we
Lots of love,
A few gently curving smiles,
Some laughter for flavor,
A spoonful of kindness
A tiny piece of help
Now mix in to this
Few drops of contentment
Loads of the forgiveness syrup too

Gently blend all
Bake it now with
The warmth of friendship,
Of family..
Let it bask in some
Serve it with joy
Bake one more
Decorate with
Essence of joy
Fruits of care
Some icing of feeling safe,
And lo, you have a
lovely family
a wonderful world
take a bite
and you will see
you have
to be
thankful for..


  1. nice.. i like that metaphor...and we surely have to choose the right ingredients to be able to bake a good kindness... yeah... and it will turn out delicious... happy thanksgiving to you..

  2. Oh! wow this is awesome,,,relish every bit of life

  3. any good recipe it takes time, you have to give it just the right heat..the right ingredients...friendship, any all plays in...nice metaphor for sure

  4. What a sweet metaphor.. If just all lifes could be baked like that.. seems like the simplest recipes are the hardest to make...

  5. Wonderful thoughts in your poem. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.

    abcw team

  6. Thank YOU for your regular participation!

  7. Beautifull poem, greeting from Belgium


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