Sunday, November 10, 2013

Super Saturday - Festive Sounds All Around and a Shout of 'Lagori'

Festive Sounds all around? Yes, we do have festive songs - not Christmas songs yet (though my son is practicing Jingle Bells on his trumpet for a Christmas parade he is taking part in soon)- I am talking about festive music - both classical and popular - played in India during this festive season (and throughout the year!!). As I mentioned in a previous post, the festive season starts in fall - in a manner of speaking - since we actually have festivities all the year round. I have come to realize that maybe our festivals were definitely started to celebrate some joyous occasion initially but they stayed mainly as a reason to celebrate family, food, and fun!

Over at dVerse, today we are dipping into our childhood treasure chest of cherished toys and games. My kids definitely do not know or play many of the the games I played in my old neighborhood though I have described it to them. The simple joys of climbing mango and guava trees; of playing hide and seek with the whole neighborhood when the power got cut on a moonless night; of playing games like 'Crocodile, which color do you want?' where we crossed dangerous waters, the still played Hopscotch (many versions of this), Uffangali (a really interesting game that I would love to play still - an ideal rainy day game), and so many more...

The poem today is about another childhood favorite called Lagori...
By Selvammk (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Joy and a Pile of Stones..
Stones piled one over another
As we all laughed and played together
Two teams that vied for the tower
One building it up, being stopped by the other

I aimed the ball at the tower of stones
Watched worriedly -
Will I lead my team to a victory?
Will we soon be shouting ‘lagori!’

The tower did crumble (just the right amount)!
A rush of feet everywhere
We scrambled to build the tower
They – well, they ran after the ball
They had to stop us, after all..

"Too late", we screamed with joy,
"Lagori" – in unison – every girl and boy!

-@ LadyInRead_VidyaTiru


  1. lagori....never heard about this....need to check it out.... we had lots of games with stones but never built towers with them... fun...

  2. Ah this sound like a fun game... but never anything remotely similar to this... but we didn't climb mango tree's either.

  3. ha. def sounds like a fun game...sounds like something off survivor as well...did not know there was a game called lagori, but i will be playing it now...ha...

  4. Sounds like a fun, frenetic game. :o)


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