Friday, November 8, 2013

Googlism fun with rain and sunshine

Today, over at dVerse, Sam has playing with Googlisms.. I had way too much fun and a tough time finalizing what I really wanted to work with.. Here is one

Sunshine and Rain, Loads of fun again

Where things are wonderful  - like the images sunshine and refreshing rain evoke
sunshine is a place you can always smile around; a place where you'll never have any frowns
rain is god's great end
sunshine is delicious
rain is refreshing
sunshine is magic
sunshine is right
sunshine is gorgeous
rain is murmuring
rain is cool
sunshine is a celestial pleasure for your body in the bath of a bright star
rain is 'earthquakes in the sky'

Where things get a little confusing – like the ramblings of a sleep-bereft mind
sunshine is bad
rain is 'good'
rain is no good
sunshine is better
sunshine is almost entirely as good as you'd hope and expect
rain is far worse than thought
sunshine is much different than what you might expect

Where I just want to use up googlisms –
rain is coming the rain is coming
 yes, it is
rain is falling rain is falling
 can you hear it?
The rain is here
rain is water dripping on the roof
now reduced..
rain is murmuring

rain is not a myth
sunshine is no exception
rain is how it falls
sunshine is a success
rain is a four letter word
sunshine is a game where the sun truly shines brightly
rain is wet
sunshine is golden
rain is raining
sunshine is still at it (what, I don’t know)

And where I was left wondering – how, why, who, what?
rain is one of the most dangerous and widespread forms of pollution
rain is distributed here on earth
rain is how it falls when you know the day is ending all too soon you're just two umbrellas one late afternoon you never know what you will

sunshine is loosely divided into three periods
sunshine is made up of 120 mini chapters of which you only need to complete about half to see the ending
sunshine is conveniently located as well as uniquely equipped in its ability to handle different activities due to the diversity of the facility itself

And did you know
sunshine is recorded
rain is officially recorded in north texas


  1. ha. i got sunshine and i got make me want to sing...nice blend of the two...both can be good you know...i like the sound of rain...but considering it was in the low 20s at the game tonight...i could use a bit of sun to warm me up

  2. You need both sunshine and rain to make your life complete... your poem progress so nicely.. very well done.

  3. rain and sunshine...both can mean so much...and depending on our mood one or the other is right... i like the murmuring rain... always a story in its wings...

  4. I like this contrast between sunshine and rain. :-)

  5. You really did have fun with this one, taking the two starting points, and then weaving the list results together like two fundamental patterns in a tapestry, complementary colors that balance each other and highlight each other. Beautifully done!


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