Friday, November 22, 2013

Fun Friday - isn't it always???

It has been a busy week. And fun too - as I work with other parents to start a Girl Scouts Troop for our little girls, a giveaway ends on my blog for a supercute book, found a wonderful poster that I definitely think will be a great gift (widget below - and discovered Kickstarter as well, and look forward to time with family as the kids start off a long break(a week-long vacation for Thanksgiving for them)

For dVerse -Form For All ~ Modern Odes with a taste of Chile(2 odes - Ode to Sugar, and Ode to My Laptop),for 3WW(bitter, manipulate, tight) - Ode to Sugar, for ABC Wednesday as they explore the letter S (one of my favorite words from S - Sugar!) and for G-Man (my Ode to Sugar)

Modern Odes - Wow was what came to my mind as I read Pablo Neruda's 'Ode to My Socks'! Here is very humble attempts at his style.
Ode to sugar
Magical mountains
Of snow
For my cuppa chai.

Pure white
As fluffy clouds
Yet manipulative
When with my lips
Puckered tight
At the bitter coffee
I picked a cube
Of white
That sweetened
My cuppa joe
Just right.

A loved
You derive your name
From this sweet
Tamil word.

Ode to my laptop
Like dancers toes
Go my fingers
Over abused keys
Overused, like worn-out shoes
All striations smoothed out

And the dancers toes
Slip and slide
Over worn-out shoes
Making a mangle
Out of their dance
As my fingers go
The words(?) typed there
Make no sense

It’s cracked window
And dust in
it’s crevices
leaves it
feeling blue
it squeaks,
before it crashes

I wonder how
Much longer
It will
Take my
 Handling it
Like a Rubik’s Cube
Twist and turn
Like a soccer ball
‘catch, here you go’
Like anything
What it is.

What it is
Is a memory-jar
A journal too
My library
And album too
Of music, videos
And photos dear.
What it is
Is me
My story
In a clackety-box


  1. the fingers as dancers toes...dancing across the laptop...mine has seen better days...missing a key, ha...mmm chai sounds good as well....have not had it in a while....

  2. I really enjoyed both of these; I used to live in a town where one of the sweet shops is called the Sugar Mountain, so you brought back memories of that for me. As to lap-tops, I try to look after mine. My sugar, however ... smiles

  3. Fun to read and I always enjoy my sweet chai but not sweet coffee.

  4. Made me think of Sugar Mountain by Neil Young!


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