Sunday, October 6, 2013

Super Saturday: Plan is to pick something new that is Super each day

After what seems like eons of busy Saturdays - translate that to Saturdays filled with classes, games, et al for the kids - we have finally achieved a weekend that actually begins on Friday evenings. Granted, we still have something for an hour Saturday morning, but compared to a busy Friday evening and Saturdays filled with a cluster of classes and games, this is Super! a truly Super Saturday :)

 seven days seems a short week!


For dVerse Poetics, Brian has us addressing issues we are passionate about through the eyes of the pumpkin...

My friend, the scarecrow
There he stood
All tattered and torn
Grinning sadly at me
I wondered why
Was a hot day
Throat parched
Aah! I feel drops…of water??
Yikes! This burns…
Not a cooling shower this..

Hack! Hack! What is this yucky black stuff?
Can’t see a thing..
Throat is dry all over again..

My roots tell me a sad story too
The water that reaches them is full of goo
(well, if it was only poo
Then that it would be cool!)
But this is horrible, terrible, scary –
like something out of a flue..

Eating away at their earthly home
By spray, exhaust, and factories too
A spray that makes me grow fast and insect-free

Then poke a grin into me
Come Hallow’s eve


  1. Those shapes are really funny.

  2. Oh those pesticides... poor scarecrows and pumpkins...

  3. ha. i was like huh? oil? ugh yes, pesticides and steroids...i wonder what we will think when all that we put in our food comes back to haunt us later in life....

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  5. Love your seven days sentence and your photo. THANKS for sharing.

    Poor pumpkin.

    I haven't visited in a while.

    Have a great day!!

    Silver's Reviews
    My Saturday Snapshot

  6. Wow...what a great write. I love how you put this together!

  7. oh yes - all the things we spray around and have no idea what it really does...ugh..

  8. Yes, it all seeps into the ground or the water supply. We are dooming ourselves with all that stuff.

  9. love it ~ wish I could go there an create a critter too.

  10. Oh, this is cringe worth "poke a grin on me..."
    This is truly a horror!
    Well done

  11. so very well expressed

    much love...

  12. My daughter would LOVE that alligator bread!


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