Wednesday, September 18, 2013

World of Words Wednesday - Time and I - More words to come.. with time..

Last week, as I was looking through my son's school work and discussing what he was enjoying doing at school, he introduced me to the diamante. It sounded like he had fun working on it - he chose school and home for his diamante and though I have to yet read his take on it, I decided I need to write one too - and it was as fun as he made it sound! So here is my diamante - as I wonder each day if I spent it properly - the hours and minutes - and know oftentimes I could have done better.  Time feels infinite when we plan for things - I always feel I can finish this and that and well, also one more thing - but then it is gone - in a flash - and my list of to-do, though has definitely reduced quite a bit, still leaves me feeling I can do with more time, or maybe more planning!!

infinite, eternal
stretching, moving, covering
eras, epochs,  occasions, moments
zooming, zipping, zapping
swift, minute

Note: Line 6 of the diamante - the 'minute' here is the one with the definition - very short time: a very short period of time;while the 'minute' in line 7 refers to 60 seconds:)

For Haiku Heights:carnival

Closed eyes, moving feet
Dancing to beats heard within
Personal parade..

For Haiku Heights:dread

Walls moving in close
Cold brow, open mouth, no sound
Audience awaits

For Haiku Heights: chirp

Their performance day
Excited chirps filled the air
Little girls on stage

All the Haiku today and the diamante also go towards dVerse Open Link Night


  1. I love your Diamante and the way you have used minute and minute :) beautiful write

  2. smiles..i like that personal parade....esp when you find that inner beat...that is a bit of freedom for me...smiles.

  3. You have been busy! I really relate to your diamante, and your haiku's are lovely--you nailed that sense of dread and carnival made me feel like dancing:-)

  4. Diamante is a new form to me. Like it LIR! Might try it sometime later! And great haiku offerings, too!



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