Sunday, September 29, 2013

Super Saturday - A Super Menu :)

For dVerse Poetics, today, we are writing to the magical surreal artwork of Catrin Welz-Stein

Image courtesy: Catrin Welz-Stein
The 'ONE' that Got Away

He stood high up in his own little world
The same endless waters all around him
A dreary job was his, indeed - a lonely life
With a fishing rod instead of a wife.

He cast a line down each day
His catch – well, let us say
He was not what they call a master baiter
His line cast, he recalled the days and ways
He had spent to bait the elusive her

Then, as now, he had looked the wrong way
Hoping to catch a mermaid
When a prize catch was lured to his bait.
He felt a tug (at his heart), he looked
Saw the missed prize swimming away
Took his bait (heart) too, yes, she did..

Here’s to ‘mistakes make him a better man’

Ducks, Sailing Races, Scout Meetings etc.


  1. ah smiles..hoping for a mermaid and then facing that bulgy eyed fish...smiles... someone has to tell him that you can't catch a mermaid with a rod and bait...he has to sing for them...smiles

  2. Very clever. You really showed a unique approach to writing about this picture. Enjoyed the humor. Ha, I hope he hooks the mermaid next time. Smiles.

  3. smiles...look away and you'll lose to stay in the moment now beyond and not you dont miss your moment...

  4. A mermaid would be quite the catch indeed

  5. This poem, such a surprising approach to this picture. I really like
    the smooth flow and subject matter. Mermaids indeed, they are
    quite the trend now. Good reading here. LIKE LIKE LIKE.

  6. It would be interesting on how to catch a mermaid the old fashioned way! He had better be quick as mermaids don't come easy! Nicely LIR!


  7. Poor man all alone.Hope he finds the mermaid with his next 'bait'

  8. Poor man all alone.Hope he finds the mermaid with his next 'bait'

  9. Poor man all alone.Hope he finds the mermaid with his next 'bait'

  10. I don't know that they will make him a better man but we can hope a better fisherman. Nice take on this.

  11. Probably a mistake both with women and mermaids to try to fish them ... probably some more subtle lure is needed. Maybe he should try writing a poem :-)

  12. ...a fishing rod instead of a wife... you know... I think there ARE some men that would prefer that! :)

  13. Inventive verse and adorable snapshot--kids are so much fun!


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