Friday, September 27, 2013

Slacking no more....

A slacking-me equals a lacking-posts my-blog:)
I hope to get off from this slacking mode and have a few posts planned for the next few weeks (for now) - these include my themed weekday posts as well as lots of pending book reviews and more.

For today, I am heading over to dVerse as Victoria invites us to choose a difficult or spicy subject using metaphors and imagery. This also goes towards G-Man's Friday Flash 55.  I initially thought I would repost from a dVerse prompt response in January but then recalled this incident below

Pushing Daisies

Beauty zooms past, like old-movie reels
Palm trees, paddy fields
Wedding to celebrate
Sights to see, ….but wait!
Someone on the roadside
I stared - eyes wide
with shock, seemed forever
Before warm fingers covered
my eyes - Bus zoomed on
but memories stayed
Of daisies pushing around a severed trunk
And mom’s comforting warmth


  1. What can be saddening sometimes are of what one sees on the road. The tragic lingers on in memory! Good observation, LIR! Nicely!


  2. Lady in Read...
    It's amazing sometimes the things that we miss when we aren't paying attention.
    Loved your observant 55
    Thanks for playing, don't be such a stranger, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  3. ugh....hard to see those wrecks...i have worked those wrecks as well...and pulled the bodies out...memories i will never be able to erase....

  4. Yikes. Those are impressions that remain with a child throughout a lifetime. Well expressed and a bit shocking. Glad you un-slacked to be here this week. Hope to see more of you.


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