Sunday, September 15, 2013

My Sunday Post of Catch up

For Sunday Whirl, Sunday Scribblings(currency), OSI(farewell), Magpie Tales ,,dVerse Poetics, Succinctly Yours (luminous)

Feasting on Imagination
a single short leap
some pure imagination
he saw before him
a silver isle -  a vibrant vision
there lay a sumptuous feast
eyes rubbed once, twice
no slathering of chemicals this
but a master chef at work here
no manipulative ads this
that would lead to vacuous eyes
but sassy vivacious sprites that helped
create this spread........
So there he sat
Amidst a field of violets
Luminous eyed, as he feasted
when he inquired how he should pay
For this priceless meal
The reply was – your smile is currency enough
Pure imagination is bliss indeed!
And the best thing of all -
No need to say farewell...
Your imagination is with you

For Haiku Heights (wilted)

lone and forgotten
the one that fell out – now with
reduced sheen and spice.


  1. your smile is currency enough....ha smiles...this is priceless indeed... hooray to imagination... how poor would life be without it.. smiles

  2. Pure imagination is a cutting edge here! Combining a host of prompts into one grand one. How brilliant Ma'am! Great write!


  3. I wouldn't expect a free meal with the sassy vivacious sprites, there is certainly value in that imagining.

  4. payment in smiles ! how wonderful is that.

  5. your smile is currency enough....that made me smile...
    and i am all about imagination and creativity as well..
    happy monday

  6. Very nice, cute, Ms. L.I.R. ~~ Priceless meal was indeed priceless for him.

    Thank you for doing the OSI Farewell. It blended well. I was out of the country then and have decided not to do one. Things might change, DUNNO.

  7. Very nicely done. Glad you were able to get in on the prompt with us!

  8. LOVE this:
    "Luminous eyed"

    And "your smile is currency enough"


  9. I enjoyed your haiku - nice last line.

  10. yes..imagination truly is all..magical write..

  11. I'm with De - "Luminous eyed" jumped right out at me - delicious! like imagination :-D

  12. I specially like this:

    Your imagination is with you

    Cheers ~

  13. Me too, on the luminous eyed. Love it!

  14. A lovely toast to imagination that certainly stirred my own.

  15. Oh, but when there is real treasure to be found, what is left for imagination?

  16. Beautiful poetic combination of all the prompts! I love it!

    That's my youngest son, Tim, when he was 8, doing the long jump at a game day. Now he's 30 and still enjoys occasionally playing soccer on the weekends with his friends.

  17. Lovely! Imagination is a feast for more than the eyes.


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