Friday, September 6, 2013

Fun Friday - The Fun of Returning...

Spread wings sparkle

Blues, greens, golds blend like a miracle

He is often times called vain

He loves singing – er, dancing – in the rain

Pride of a nation,that he is

Seen in full regalia – pure bliss

A strut in his step, a crown on his head

A cry that you can hear a mile ahead

For dVerse Poets and for G-Man's Friday Flash 55, after more than 55 days of blogging absence, and a friendly nudge from dVerse's very own Brian Miller (thank you, Brian!), here is a riddle - well, not really a hard one to guess.. but here it is..

And as I return to blogging once more, I discover again that blogging is fun!


  1. Yeeeehhhheey! I was wondering what you were up to :)

  2. I used to live down the road from a family that owned Peacocks. They got loose a few times - they were so mean!

  3. Gone 55 days eh?
    What a coincidence!!
    Loved your colorful 55 My Friend
    Thanks for playing, don't be such a stranger
    Have a Kick Ass Week End

  4. he, a peacock...ok i cheated and looked at original answer was much more sinister as i was applying it to a back...smiles.

  5. Nice poem! I think that blogging for fun is the only real reason to do it. Others tend to be depressing and oppressive.

  6. Peacock! You made that one easy - and such a wonderful symbol for returning in grandeur! Bravo, and welcome back!

  7. ah their cry can make your blood freeze in your veins...but the beauty. - the beauty. - - smiles... cool riddle..

  8. He also loves watching television through our patio doors. Or may just sees himself reflected?
    55's galore then.


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