Monday, September 30, 2013

A Sunday Monday Post (not a creative post title, I know!)

For Magpie Tales, Sunday Whirl (Unbidden sharp hillside patches edges spill swarm exact where gathered ghosts), Sunday Scribblings(Red hot), Succinctly Yours(photo: on right below, word: myriad - 51 words)

All his myriad possessions
On his head he had bundled
Climbed up a sharp hillside
Past the untended patches
To the exact spot where
Was rumored that ghosts gathered
Where the world spilled over its edges
Where magic glowed red-hot
Where wishes and charms swarmed around
He walked on – into oblivion.

What do you do when life gets in the way, and you just don’t have much time to read? Do you complain? Do you accept it? Do you do everything in your power to make time to read? 
Reading is in my blood or so it feels.. Reading for me is magical - of course!, medicinal - makes me feel better no matter how I am feeling.  I always have something with me to read - on an e-device or an actual book - so I can sneak in a read - in the waiting rooms in doctor's offices, while I wait for my carpool outside my house, while I am cooking(so meals take longer to cook!), well, just about anytime and anywhere and anything as well from comics to articles to blog posts to books. But life still can get in the way and I sometimes just cannot make time to read - it does make me feel as if something is missing but I take it with a BIG grain of salt.
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  1. Walked into his own oblivion, needed to turn around haha

  2. Good stuff :)

  3. Good job writing a poem to fit several different challenges!

  4. Perfect Magpie, great photos, and I rather like your blog title!

  5. Nice work combining the prompts!


  6. I suppose we will all take that path one day.

  7. A perfect place for ghosts to gather...

  8. Such vivid imagery. It's hard to believe I was so quickly drawn into such a short story.


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