Monday, July 8, 2013

Time flies...How it does...

Time flies here in India - the same as it does back in the US. The rains here mean that it is not very hot - in fact, the weather is very pleasant indeed. But the downside to it is the roads. Considering most of the road as well as the footpath (or what remains of it in our area) is occupied by traffic - even though traffic is supposed to be moving and hence cannot really occupy a space, there seems to be an unknown source of vehicles somewhere which makes it seem that the spaces are never empty, hence always occupied, and now to get back to my original sentence - our feet do not find many places to put themselves in that is free of slush or traffic. But, that is what it is and over the past couple of years during my visits in the summer, my feet have developed a muscle-memory of sorts and they know exactly where to place themselves.

And it is worth it when we reach our destination - whatever it may be. Over the past few days, it has been varied - the SLV a few minutes away from home or the revered Brahmin's Coffee Bar or just the streets of Gandhi Bazaar or one of the more modern ice cream parlors that have sprung up in every corner (like the Cafe Coffee Days). We walk down to the nearest Darshini or SLV for a cup of coffee or a paper-roast dosas or one of those gigantic stadium sized bhaturas with yummy chana and our mind forgets those puddles and hurdles our feet overtook on the road just moments ago - or should I say - our tummies make us forget. As my 10-year old orders one of these for himself, I ask him if he will actually finish it - but he does! Now only if he eats all the meals I make for him the same way!

Being in India is definitely a sensory explosion as all our senses are overwhelmed with a walk down the street - the wonderful smells of idli, dosa, and coconut chutney as well as coffee; the constant sound of traffic, of haggling vendors and customers as they bargain over the price of coriander; the feel of drops of water as they splash on your feet when you fail to look down and walk and from the jacaranda as a light wind blows down drops from the rain a few minutes back; the wonderful sights , and of course, the warmth of my both my kids' hands as each holds me on either side while we walk enjoying all of this.

And while I am on the subject of time flying, this was the post I meant for last week's Sunday memes(along with last week's other memes!). I will be posting for this week's Sunday through Tuesday posts later today.
So here it is, a week later:
OSI:Fragile, SundayScribblings:Insight, 3ww – flabby indignant stench
Whirl: fallen retreat bend rock lane wild bridge meadow bear island unstable bird heaven
SY: Oasis (gorilla); Magpie- image below;Dverse: Disney

Do you prefer a Snow White instead?
She asked, as she lent him a spark.
Encased in glass, a kiss to wake me from the dead
Where would you find me thus? You ask.
Across the bridge, and over the meadow
Turn right at the next bend of the lane
As you enter the wild, reach out to Baloo the bear
He will help you, don’t despair
Watch out for swords in fallen rocks
If you pull them out, you will be ruler
Don’t retreat at stenches that remind you of the docks
That is just Stinky Pete the flabby prospector
He might be slightly unstable, might look indignant
But fear him not, look up instead to the heavens
The Jub Jub Bird doesn’t need any incitement
To swoop down and pick you up as presents
So look out for him and find a safe haven
An oasis, an island of peace
That is where you will find me.

He then replied, I do not care for a delicate miss
You light up my world, as you are is what I need.


  1. ha. i like the inclusion of the disney characters in this...baloo will def help...smiles...find me in the oasis of that sounds wonderful too....i would love to visit india sometime...

  2. He then replied, I do not care for a delicate miss
    You light up my world, as you are is what I need.

    The strength of feelings conquers all! Nicely Lady!


  3. Ahh, RE: TWW - I love that! You write beautifully!

    I have to say that your description of India really brought up tons of images for me as I read it. It's so other-worldly. My boyfriend is half Sri-Lankan but we are yet to go there; India is on our list too. I don't know when we would get to go, but thank you for transporting me there in your description, it's been a very nice trip!

    ~ Victoria


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