Monday, July 15, 2013

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My! - Say the 'Un'letters

For Theme Thursday: Letters:

The ‘Un’Letters
The ‘Un’ letters – I have so many of them. T – there are the ‘Un’written ones - all those I planned to write but never got around to; then there are the ‘Un’finished ones – those ones I somehow did get around to start but then did not finish and now the news in them are stale news; I also have the ‘Un’sent letters – those I managed to finish writing but did not actually send for some reason or the other; and I should not forget the other ‘Un’s – the ‘un’thought of yet, ‘un’ well anything else you can think of.
I really do have letters of each type and those that are ‘un’finished and ‘un’sent, I somehow do not feel like throwing away so I save them as well, along with the  ones I receive from loved ones which I have treasured all these years.  The ‘un’written ones are the ones I most regret but I hope to catch up sometime – I read an article when I was a new mom of my few months old son (now 10 years old) – the article written by a mom of many years who said she had written a letter to her child(ren) on every birthday and kept it away – she planned to give the whole set of letters to each child at a momentous occasion – graduation/wedding or something like that. Each letter contained highlights of the child’s year, advice mom wanted to pass on to her child, what her child(ren) had achieved/talked about, and her own dreams and goals for her child(ren) at that time. Well, my son is 10 and my little girl is 7, so I can still play at catch up though my memory is not that great:). When I do write these letters, I will definitely be writing a post about that here.
Then there are the letters I had planned to have my little ones write regularly to loved ones in India. The joy of receiving a letter in the mail written by someone you care about is just wonderful – no matter how often you talk to them on the phone or Skype with them or on IM or otherwise. The old  fashioned letter will never go out of style!  And I am realizing time waits for no one – the kids have already lost one beloved grandparent in their paternal grandfather last year. Now, I think I should work on this goal myself as well as work with my kids too.

For Six Word Saturday:
Lions, Tigers, Bears, Butterflies at Banerghatta

For Saturday Snapshot:
Images from our trip to Banerghatta National Park. 

For Friday 55:
Lions, Tigers, Bears to sight..
Butterflies to delight, snakes to fright-
en, while deers cavort and jump with zeal
as we inch past them in our cage on wheels
Elephants enjoying their morning splash
Tortoises enjoying their cabbage mash
All this and more, I promise we will see
In our trip today, fact not fantasy!

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  1. I think that is a beautiful thing to do for your children. I think I have heard where they also keep a journal and write about important things that happened on certain days. Something such as the first day they crawled or walked. They write when, where, and how the parents felt and how the baby reacted. I wonder if it would be harder to write about their teenager years but then I guess you could ask them questions and write their answers. I wish I had thought about something like this. Yes, you still have time, and I hope you do it. I think it would be a really cool thing to do. That is a nice poem and this trip would be a good thing to write about.

    Happy Theme Thursday and I hope you had a great week.

    God bless.


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