Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A nameless post as I keep playing catch up!

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My little one was sick
he definitely needed rest
Felt aches and pains in his bones,he said
His stomach muscles felt wrinkled.
I had to leave – to meet some friends
Was a plan made long ago
There were others taking care, of course
But my conscience spoke
Was this a mistake
Saying goodbye
Am sure had detected a note of "stay back, mommy"
Or was it something my mommy brain translated
To a plea of, "Stay, mommy"?
In the end elected to stay with him
To discover the joys of discovering treasures
And life’s simple pleasures
like dancing in the rain (of course, when he recovers)
of the thrill of finding a treasure trove of golden eggs
all in the pages of books, together!

For Haiku Heights - Squeeze

‘Mommy Stay’ said they
Those words squeezed me inside out
Stayed, found joys in smiles.


  1. Ah, it is so very hard to leave a young one when they are ill, especially when they URGE you to stay!

  2. good mom electing the stay...sometimes we have to make those tough choices...on what is more important...and kids are def a good choice...esp when they are not feeling well....

  3. So difficult to leave them, I agree.

  4. Mellow and quite pleasing; thanks.

  5. Hard choices - I always opted for staying, but hard when it's work. So great when you can do it, and when it's a true stay as seems here (!) and not, you know, manipulative. Sounds like a very nice time together. k.

  6. Oh, my, how that wrung me inside out just now too. I know exactly that feeling that you captured so beautifully.

  7. joys of discovering treasures
    And life’s simple pleasures

    Awe. I so understand this! Sweet, very sweet. (you made the right choice, but you already know that)

  8. What a sweet choice for mommy. Enjoyed this lovely poem and great use of the words this week.

  9. And you did the right thing by staying..so beautiful..and indeed you enjoyed your choice..and kids, my, my they must be ecstatic...



  10. Awww these poems are filled with such tenderness and warmth

  11. Ah, yes, I know that well. Guilt usually finds a way in, no matter what. Glad you found the right choice for you at the time, and that you got a poem (or even two) out of it.

  12. Reason is common, but when combined with imagination, if we are very lucky , we may experience intuition, the highest mode of human mentation, and mothers are hard wired with it in spades.... Fantastic

  13. some of the sweetest moments found when you listen to your conscience and stay with a sick child. The friends will always be there for get togethers at a later date!

  14. A sweet poem of mothering your sick boy! I'm glad you stayed home with him.

  15. This a wonderful poem about the little one when he is not feeling well. They are sooo pitiful and we are so helpless. You conveyed well the hope of the joys just around the corner after it has passed.

  16. It's so difficult to counter when a young 'un persuades one to stay. More so when they're not well. Nicely Lady!


  17. Very touching!! It is really difficult to leave a sick child.

  18. Two GREAT poems ... thoroughly enjoyed.

  19. I wish I could just throw something together like that!

  20. My mother said that my brother got sick every time she got ready to leave the house. She had to learn to leave, but it wasn't easy.

    Excellent, particularly since you're playing catch up. I have weeks, when I haven't even written for my own meme.


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