Sunday, June 16, 2013

Simply Sunday - Dadurday

Today is Father's Day. Growing up in India, I was not aware of any of these modern traditions of Mother's Day or Father's Day (even Valentine's Day became popular in India only when I was in my late teens with the increased number of greeting cards and teddy bears being pushed in the market by the card companies!). Today, both Mother's Day and Father's Day are also part of this market in India. Family is something to celebrate everyday - and the greatest gift born out of and to family is love. And this is how I am sure people around the world celebrate their family each and every day. According to the wikipedia articles for Father's Day, many countries do have their own versions to honor fathers and many others adopted and adapted this US holiday in recent years.
I am sure the people who came up with the concept of these holidays will not be too thrilled about the commercialization of these traditions they started. But I for one, choose to celebrate these days like I would a birthday at home - making an extra special effort to make dad feel special and cherished - home-made cards, best behavior (possible) from the little ones for this day (and a promise of more good behavior for every day), dad's choice rules for the day for outings/food choices, et al. 

A Book Review: Today, dad and daughter enjoyed reading a very sweet book together - Saturday is Dadurday by Robin Pulver.A sweet read for everyday that shows how life and work balances impact parents everyday and does tend to take us (as parents) away from that time spent with our precious children. In this book, Mimi and her dad have established their own tradition of Dadurday - where they do things together - silly things, sane things, anythings! But when things change and Dadurday suddenly is a solo show for Mimi, what happens? 
How Mimi brings a charming solution to what she thinks is a 'badurday' is heartwarming - reading this book definitely made me feel both sad (for the times I have obligations that take me away like the dad in this book) and happy (that kids are resourceful and resilient and figure out a way to make everyday special). This is a book to celebrate family - EVERYDAY.
The illustrations by R.W.Alley compliment the book wonderfully - bright and colorful and portray Mimi and her family perfectly. 
Adorable all over.  
Reading Level: 4 years and above
Reread Level: 4.5/5

Whirl: Cave chattering wake splits cut giggle moonshine scoop crazy sense anything load
Scribblings: meal
OSI: wrinkle
Magpie Tales: the painting - The Promenade, 1918, by Marc Chagall

Dadurday is here today
Wake up dad
Today is your day
Let us know what you want
Anything you say
Crazy or with sense                           
Everything goes

Spelunking? Watch out, caves - here we come!
With bushels of giggles and loads of fun
A dash of chattering thrown in too.

Scoops of ice cream
Loaded to the brim
Over banana splits
For every meal?

A giant big balloon
Life-sized one for you?
Sure, daddy, here is the moon
Or will this mom-shaped balloon do?

Today is your day
A day for you to reign
All wrapped up in moonshine
A wrinkle free day – all smoothed out and fine
A day that is a cut above the rest
For daddy, you are the very best!             


  1. Sounds like a sweet book. It would probably make me cry. My dad has been gone from this world for a while.

  2. What a lovely book review and poem. The book sounds delightful. I remember spending time with my father. It was usually doing some sort of chore together. I miss him so much.

  3. Enjoyed the poem. Dadurday. I like it.

  4. Definitely a fantastic funny poem!

  5. I like how you used the picture book and picture to create a funny poem for dad.

    Interesting about how India now has Father's Day and Mother's Day. A nice tradition to have spread.

  6. Dadurday - lovely idea and your poem tied in so nicely to Father's Day.

  7. Oh I'm really craving a double-dip ice cream now...mmm...

  8. Dads can often use an extra special day.

  9. Sorry about being so late, I was on an extended
    fishing week-end.
    Please join us again this week-end
    I'm not going anywhere...:-)

  10. Sure, daddy, here is the moon
    Or will this mom-shaped balloon do?

    delightful and quirky...

  11. So sweet! Love the playful words and mood ... Happy Dadurday!

  12. smiles....what a fun poem...and a great tribute to the dads that make our lives...sounds like a pretty cool book with a good lesson embedded as well...

  13. Dadurday sounds like a great day! Can we add that right after Sunday for one more day to rest?! The wordle words fit in so nicely I didn't even realize until after that you were using them in the poem!

  14. Dadurday. Clever write and full of sweetness and a lesson. Nice work.

  15. Delightfully done, and I love how you blended the prompt so seamlessly with Dadurday.


  16. I read Saturday is Dadurday at storytime at my book store last week. The kids loved it! One little girl started singing afterwards, "Saturday is Dadurday because Daddy is a Saturday!", as she skipped out of the store. Now what Daddy wouldn't want to promenade to that! Great, whimsical take of the picture.


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