Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Week that Passed By - in parts...

For 3WW(Garbage traction imperative) and Haiku Heights (Crescendo)
Traction of wheels - it

was of course imperative

Garbage all around..

For ABC Wednesday's letter X - As I continue on my theme for women authors, X stumped me. I did find a couple of writers on wikipedia but as yet, they are unknown to me and I am not sure I will be reading them anytime soon, so I am using X as it is normally used - for the unknown:)
X – X for me is for all those anonymous women writers whose writings I read and enjoyed         

Coming the blog right here:)
For dVerse Listen to This: Anaphora

Can I, mommy, can I have this treat?
No, dear, not now, maybe later, my sweet
Can I, mommy, can I please, mommy mine?
No, dear, not now, after lunch will be fine
Can I, mommy, can I have it now instead?
No, dear, not now, now is the time for soup and bread
Can I, mommy, can I? I promise to be extra good
Well, little one, the answer is still no, it is time for food
Can I, mommy, can I, pretty please, mommy dear?
NO, DEAR, I did say No, didn’t you hear..
CAN I, MOMMY, I want it now? (stomping feet)
No means no, and you can’t have it later either now,  (teeth gritting)my sweet..
can I mommy, please, (with tears in eyes) can i?
well, maybe just this once(tears do the trick), sweetie pie…

For Alphabe Thursday's letter F and Thursday 13:

  1. Family  
  2. Friends
  3. Fun
  4. Food
  5. Freedom – a basic birthright for every living being.
  6. Fact or Fiction – I love both. What about you?
  7. Facebook – not that I spend too much time here updating my status but I admit I do spend some time checking out what my friends updateJ
  8. fusillation, furfur, fulgour, flivver, floccinaucinihilipilification,fecalith, feak, fardel, facundity,fourdroyant, frist, fremescent – Check out Phrontistery for the meaning of these words
  9. Flowers- never fail to cheer me up..
  10. These are a few of my favorite things (well, will list the actual things later!)
  11. Family Circus – one of my favorite comics
  12. The letter F is normally used to represent False in True or False statements, also stands for Female and Fahreneit. For a few other facts about the letter F, check out this page.
  13. The sound for the letter F is one of the few letter sounds (other than y – why, I – eye to name a few) also made by other consonant combinations (more than one) – ph/gh


  1. I agree - we don't seem to have as many contributions this week. Oh well, Y and Z are coming up and they'll probably be tough, too.

    abcw team

    1. yes, Y and Z are going to be tough too..
      i have to pick my next theme carefully:) so I have enough to last me through the alphabet.

  2. Replies
    1. x does :) but x is the variable that needs to be figured out in Math:)

  3. haha.. the little one knows how to get her mother where she wants to have her...smiles...that was a very good use of anaphora here

  4. I've seen that so often from toddlers - and I don't have any kids of my own ... smiles. I bet they don't know they're using anaphora.

  5. This brought a huge smile to my face. A few years ago when I visited my then-80-something year old mother, I reminded her of the time she wouldn't buy me a box of animal crackers. Next time I flew down for a visit, there was a box of them waiting on the bed in the guest room. Is that how we learn to be manipulative? And I guess kids are experts in anaphora, heh?

  6. ha. they try to wear us down now dont they...i dont let it get that far, nip it in the bud pretty quick cause give in once and they will try that trick again...

  7. Little things mean a lot. May mean a little pain but giving in a little is a blessing. A lesson in persuasion and persistence for a kid to hone their skills. Great write Lady!


  8. Can I Can I reminds me of my kids, too, when they were younger. Persistence is sometimes seen as positive quality.Right? -J.lynn

  9. Another one for "X Marks The Spot." I remember that song from Sesame Street!! I think Ernie sang it? Now I'll have to be YouTubing it. Was pleased to find another fave une of mine from SS, "Capital I" on Youtube and it was just as great as I remembeedr it as a kid. "When the work's all done we go inside our Capital I, Capital I. "

    MY 2 favorite F words... French Fries!!!! yummy. And I just put on 5 lbs saying those 2 out loud. :)

    I may not be the fastest blog-visit returner, but I do make it over eventually.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. (Deleted that above because it had a typo that totally changed the meaning of the comment.)

    It was Sherlock Hemlock, of course, who sang X Marks The Spot! How could I have forgotten an important cultural detail like that!?? ;)


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