Sunday, May 26, 2013

Simply Sunday - Simply Memes

For Magpie Tales (picture - Ponytail), Succinctly Yours(picture: Elvis store/word:blatant), and SundayWhirl(Heart connect yield close phrase current anchor fertile range beam shift layers)

You are my anchor in the darkest night;
You are the beam that holds me upright
Even in shifting layers of struggles.
A range of problems that my mind juggles
Am close to yielding an answer
As my heart connects to you a little faster
Looking at you, as your hair falls
Ever so softly on my face, my mind recalls
This phrase - you are my ray of sunshine

Yes, I do blatantly say – you are mine!
Ponytail by Last Exit

Note: Connection to Elvis in my poem above: some reference to lyrics in the song 'And The Grass Won't Pay No Mind'

For Sunday Scribblings (Luscious) and Haiku Heights (Health)

Lovely luscious lips
Earnest effervescent eyes
Happy healthy heart


  1. These are both stunning!

    The flow in the first one is simply gorgeous and matches the image perfectly!

    The haiku makes me smile its so romantic =)

  2. Loved both. The first was particularly lovely.

  3. Sharp and cunning; nicely done.

  4. "Even in shifting layers of struggles" - it's good to have a sturdy anchor during these times!

  5. Thank you, wonderful muse, ! She anchors us all

  6. both poems are just about wonderful I am glad I could read both thanks to haiku heights :)


  7. Beautiful combinations of the three! Takes some footwork in blending them. Nicely Lady!


  8. It sounds like she is hopelessly devoted to Elvis. Beautiful, passionate poem!

  9. I loved the phrase "as your hair falls ever so softly on my face" which was so sensuous.

  10. the alliteration you used is perfection. excellent haiku

  11. I like "lovely ;luscious lips". Very healthy lips! ;-)

  12. Beautifully done and will an impressive economy of words too.

  13. Very nice, L.I. ~~ When it's time for the pretty
    words to stop, then let us get to the point.


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