Wednesday, February 27, 2013

World of Words Wednesday - Memes and a Giveaway announcement

This week is 'America Saves Week' and tomorrow I am going to feature a review and a giveaway of a great product for parents and kids to learn more about money saving! Come back tomorrow for the review and the giveaway as well. You will definitely learn useful tips!

I have lot of books to review and will definitely start working on those reviews so you will be seeing more book reviews in the coming days - I promise!

For ABC Wednesday's  letter of the week G:

I really do not have any favorite authors whose last name is from G so I picked an author whose book I do want to read – ‘North and South’ as well as ‘Wives and Daughters’ by Elizabeth Gaskell. I watched the TV series for both of them -though not yet fully - and loved what I watched so now going backwards, want to read the books.

For 3WW: Douse naughty pale
The naughty girl
She leaped from the high wall
Turned her mommy’s face
right white-pale
A pail
of rage doused her
as she reached mommy dear.

The naughty girl
The rage paled her
Made her wonder
Why was mommy wild?
Ah! My acrobatic leap! The little child
she doused mommy with hugs and kisses
Mommy and child soon two happy misses.

 For Wondrous Words Wednesday, from books I am reading this week:
1.      bruit (verb used with object): to voice abroad; rumor (used chiefly in the passive and often followed by about  ): The report was bruited through the village.
2.      bantling (noun) : a very young child
3.      bear leader (noun) :(formerly) a tutor traveling with a wealthy or aristocratic young man
4.      bug·bear (noun)
a.       continuing problem: a continuing source of annoyance or difficulty
b.      source of fear: a source of obsessive or groundless fear
c.       monster: a monster invented to frighten children, traditionally in the form of a bear that eats those who misbehave
5.      taradiddle (noun) :1: fib. 2: pretentious nonsense .
6.      invective (noun):
a.       abusive language: abusive or violent language used to attack, blame, or denounce somebody
b.      using abuse: using abusive language


  1. My last name is G and I just had poetry published in a book. This is the book: signal from static

    my g post for this week:
    gripping girdle limerick

    1. thank you:) you are now added to my list of 'G' women writers:)

  2. Amusing and very cleverly done. When my children were little I never scolded them for doing daring deeds, simply quietly advised them of the possible consequences if things had gone wrong. Left them their bravery; encouraged their thinking - sometimes worked!

    1. i do too most times - let them work it out..
      so the rare occasions when mommy loses it all is a time of confusion for the little ones.. and my little girl is a dare devil whose bravery i truly admire but sometimes worries me..

  3. I knew taradiddle because one of the troupes at the Children's Theater in Charlotte is the Taradiddle Players. At least it was when we lived there - we took our son to see them often. The other words are new to me.

    1. oh, like the name of the troupe..they must have been fun to watch..

  4. My GIRL can make me wild too!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

    1. thanks ROG:) And I did realize now that the 3W poem is also a G Entry:)

  5. Children do have a hard time imagining their mothers wild.

    1. agree Laurie.. the looks on their faces of bewilderment and sometimes bemusement when i get all worked up is something that calms me many of these times.

  6. Taradiddle, such a great word to say, almost feels like being in one of Georgette Heyer's Regency novels.
    Joy - ABC Team

  7. I remember seeing North & South - I bet the book is much better.

    abcw team


  8. i knew what a bug bear was, but after reading the definition for bear leader, I so wanted to see another possibility - a bear leader who annoys his aristocratic youth !!!


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