Saturday, February 9, 2013

Super Saturday - A Meme Day

For Six Word Saturday (6WS):
My little girl is now seven!
Yesterday my little girl turned seven!

For  Saturday Snapshot: - my son's recent owl pellet school project :)

Quote It over at Freda's The theme this week is 'Happiness' and my selected quotes are below:

Today, Claudia has us writing about the ART of Letting Go over at dVerse Poetics:

In perfecting the art of letting go
we have to be careful, lest we also
let go of chances too good to pass
along with worries, mistakes, other issues en masse


  1. ...indeed we must be wiser enough before we let go of something for it might be a gem we're losing & throwing out... and oh, i laugh at your first quote of happiness and then i say - 'tis true... 'tis true... smiles...

  2. Interesting thought about letting go. I think that this post most directl addresses the art of letting go of all the posts I read. I like how you have combined different mediums on this page. (and I think I need to forward the peeing happiness quote.)

  3. yes...def. we need a lot of wisdom in knowing what to let go on what to hold on to..think our heart tells us though.. and someone once called me tenacious when it comes to holding on to the chances in life...smiles

  4. Wisdom and judgement are part of the parcel. Do I need it? Should I let it go?

  5. takes wisdom to know what to let go and what to hold onto...what we do will determine where we get in life....smiles.

  6. Happy Birthday to your little girl! I love the owl picture.

  7. Happy birthday to your daughter!

  8. I liked the bottom picture that says...
    "Happiness is a journey...not a destination!"
    We so often forget to be content along the way!

    Happy birthday to your little girl! Seven is a fun age!

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  9. Definitely must make sure we don't let go of chances too good to pass!

  10. Happy belated birthday to your daughter!! Love your graphic quotes!! :-)

  11. yes, we don't want to throw the baby out with the bath water ;)

  12. Good precautions -- cute rhyme to make it stick -- I won't let it go.
    BTW I commented here today because it wasn't too cluttered -- thanx

  13. love the drawing and the whimsical happiness. yes we have to choose our path.


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