Sunday, February 10, 2013

Simply Sunday - Simply Memes

For Haiku Heights:red and   One Single Impression: Heart
Nature’s heart may not
bleed red; but it cries out loud
Listen; Care better.
Look and you can see
Nature is love.
Fire and sugar
Red colors them both, you see
Chilies, strawberries.

For Sunday Scribblings (illuminate), Succinctly Yours (word is zoom and image of heart postcard below),For Magpie Tales (image of kissing couple), Sunday Whirl(Bathe term court open dry coral bottle incident ball plume rare thread), Imaginary Garden with Real Toads(cascade form).

A Valentine For Each Other
Now she made a Valentine for him,
In red and white with memories within
Enclosed a photo of their first shared kiss
When they discovered love’s bliss.

There she was on the open court
Bathed, illuminated in a plume of light
Was love at first sight for him then;
Now she made a Valentine for him.

Terms of endearment never exchanged
He gave her a bottle of her favorite perfume
Still had it, though all dried out
In red and white with memories within.

A box, a card, “remember that incident
- zoom! whack! your ball; my face, I knew then”
Inside a threaded coral necklace (35 dear);
Enclosed a photo of their first shared kiss!

She recalled when she was
on the open court - A rare occurrence
for her;  Was it coincidence? Fate?
When they discovered love’s bliss.


  1. I fell in love with a girl on the tennis court but it was not to be. Glad it lasted for them though despite the slight accident. The court is a good place to court.

  2. Puts me right in the mood for Valentine's :)

  3. Great romance today. 'Tis in the air.

  4. I really like how you have blended these prompts. I especially like the use of a cascade poem for a valentine.

  5. Tenderly warm and loving. Nice...

  6. A court is a good place to start! Common passion for the game can lead to more dramatic happenings! Nicely Lady!


  7. Quite a vivid capture of the beginning of an enduring relationship, with lots of action words and bright imagery. Thanks for sharing with The Imaginary Garden.

  8. Way to go with all the prompts ...

  9. i def think the fates work to bring those together that should be you know...too many variable have to line up just right for it to be chance for me...smiles.

  10. Ahhh. The romance of it all.


  11. One never forgets their first kiss, or their first love! Beautiful!

  12. As one who lost their lifetime love to death, this left me with some beautiful memories as well as a bit of sadness

  13. Tennis is a good game!

    A lovely poem.

  14. Sentimental jewelry is the best! I really enjoyed this cascade form

  15. Beautiful. Romantic. Vivid. I love it. :-)

  16. What a lovely story for Valentines Day.


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