Saturday, January 5, 2013

Super Saturday - Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Cupcakes and more

My TV viewing of late has  become lesser - as compared to before - and when I do watch something on TV, it is mostly what the kids are watching - PBS Kid shows like Arthur, Martha Speaks, and 'Maya and Miguel' to name a few.  Some other non-PBS shows that we all love to watch as a family - with loads of washed laundry around us to fold as we watch - are shows from Cooking Channel and Food Network!! We do have our favorites there - 'Cupcake Wars', 'Unique Sweets',  'Pioneer Woman', 'Sweet Genius', and 'Spice Goddess' are some of them. (and of course, when I can, I watch shows on Netflix but am glad that my teen TV show addiction from sometime last year is now not there, so I watch an episode, not more than one at a time, when I can). Competitive shows like 'Cupcake Wars' and 'Sweet Genius' have us all guessing what the judges will say and who will win. Also, they are about desserts, our favorite part of any meal!

And the episode we watched yesterday during our massive laundry folding sessions was 'Cupcake Wars': Mary Poppins:) The show had lots of wonderful cupcakes, especially the ones from the winning team, and my favorite cake was the one they based on the song 'Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious'. Here is a link to the recipe and a photo of the cake below.

For Saturday Snapshot: a collage of photos from our recent visit to San Francisco: the two stained glass window images are ones taken at the beautiful Grace Cathedral as also the wall mural in bronze/gold, a couple of glimpses of China Town , the James C. Flood Mansion (it structurally survived the 1906 earthquake) and more. 

For Six Word Saturday (6WS):
kids back to school on Monday 


  1. Love San Francisco and love your collage!

  2. Fun San Francisco images, especially the stained glass!

  3. Love the quotes! Two things we all need to remember :)

  4. My hubby likes Cupcake wars! Love that Ralph Waldo Emerson quote too.

  5. Hooray for Mary Poppins! Yes, and cupcakes! I like your ending quotes too!

  6. Hello stopping by from SWS and what a great SWS, I am a cake lover and cupcakes are just that small cakes lol
    I have a S.F trip planned in 2 weeks we are doing the science museum your trip looks like you all had decent weather hooray!! oh I am a quote loving girl as well those were some good ones thanks for sharing *,*

  7. The collage is fantastic, and those cupcakes look good. My Snapshot is at

  8. Great it...thanks for sharing.

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