Sunday, January 13, 2013

Simply Sunday - Simply Memes...again

For Succinctly Yours at Grandma's Goulash at 132 characters with spaces:
Image: to the right
Word: evolution

The evolution of this town into a tourist spot sure brought in new job opportunities – like this tourist police. Smart uniforms too.

For Haiku Heights (prompt: death) and dVerse Poetics(my first one for dVerse Poetics this week), three haiku here. I have noticed that, each time someone close to me has died, I have done a lot of growing-up very quickly, no matter how old I was at that time (the first time I recall this happening is when I was 13, and the most recent this last year).

My friend’s sixteen year
 old brother – died, accident;
we all grew up some.

Grandpa sick, need you
Nothing more to do, said they
I grew up some then

Grand aspirations
To be this, that, and more- they
lie buried, not dead

For Sunday Scribblings (paradise), Sunday Whirl (ditch room poetry drunk virtue bends breaks burden steps palace wish diminishing), OSI: Naked, and Magpie Tales(body sock image below), and dVerse Poetics (second one for growing up), I have 'My Personal Paradise':
My Personal Paradise
I read in a quote - “Paradise will be a kind of library”
Rooms full of books!  I would be drunk on happiness     
I would be a little girl all over again
With all her growing up done, yet to grow up all over again
Her deepest wishes granted - she in her dream palace
A palace without opulence or a prince, one with rooms full of books
Books of poetry piled up here, Favorite fiction over there,
Some non-fiction to peruse and books on virtue too
There lies a bookshelf naked, stripped of her burden of books
That top shelf I had to climb up the steps to get
But it was worth it, yes, 
I now read them one by one, the pile slowly diminishing
As I explore the interesting bends each story takes
Ditching breaks in favor of more time to read
All cozy and warm in a body sock
Yes, this is paradise indeed.



  1. I noticed the smart uniforms, too. I like the way you used "evolution." Your "Haiku Heights" poem is insightful and touching.

  2. mmm every once in a while those incidents we dont see coming...or cant avoid do grow us up a bit....sobering a little....

  3. I totally agree about a heaven filled with books! Well done.

  4. oh heck...losing a 16 year old friend in an accident is tough...surely the people around grow up a bit by's the hard way to grow..

  5. Heartfelt haiku. Adversity like this often makes us grow as people.

  6. Striking, original take on the prompt...

  7. paradise indeed to be lost in the chapters of books

  8. Your haiku pulled on my heart. Your combination of the prompts to go along with the picture made me smile again!

  9. Tourism certainly boosts jobs. And there's nothing like a man in uniform. :)

  10. it would be paradise for a time but I would need to touch someone elses warm skin :)

  11. The haiku are lovely - all three together paint a vivid image of the storms of life and the way they affect us. The library heaven - yes please, but only if I can have eternity to truly savour and appreciate all the books :-)

  12. The three haiku move us through loss to maturity with a beautiful economy and intensity of language.

  13. I agree. Paradise, indeed.


  14. I can relate to your "My Personal Paradise" poem!

  15. I wonder if paradise one day will be a room full of e-readers? I somehow doubt it!

  16. Sorry about the 16 year old... so sad. Then I see that unusual yet great photo... a multifaceted haiku...

  17. Now this would be paradise!!! Great take on the prompt!


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