Sunday, January 20, 2013

Simply Sunday - Simply Memes again...

Yay! The 49ers won!!! We had planned for a grand day outside, some skiing maybe (but the training slopes are full), a hike perhaps - but then the lure of the game entrapped us inside..(well, not me exactly though I cheered with the boys as they watched).

'Was it possible to drown in a flood of words?' - I read in a book recently. Not sure, but I don't think I would mind it and well, I guess I would learn to swim pretty soon if I was caught in this flood!! 
Here is a flood of words below in my contributions to my favorite Sunday Memes.
All the contributions also go towards Poetry Pantry.

For OSI(Retirement), Magpie Tales (image of holding hands), Haiku Heights(dusk), and Succinctly Yours(word: question, image: birdhouse; Haiku : each under 140 characters, of course!) 

Dusk falls outside
            Holding hands, we quietly stood
           While birds returned home

A question arose
How do birds know falling dusk?
Held hands and wondered

Retirement of day
Birds return home as dusk comes
Pink-Orange skies awe.

For Sunday Whirl (art pearls sticky filaments bone charge beware skin air linen call knocks cell) ,dVerse Poetics (Foreign Languages), and Imaginary Gardens with Real Toads (Poetry Chains), I have 'thirumbiyumaa?'
Enga irundai nee?” Asked my hubby dear
Clearly worried as I crossed the door
Sourly, he continued, “Ēṉ edukillai? I called you on the cell.”
“Well, thirumbiyumaa?” wondered I
Eyes wandered to the phone - no charge on it
Sitting down, I told him, “Eppadi aachu theriyaadu” and
Blandly asked the silent phone, “Abhi tho charge kiya tha
Thunk.. it dropped. No airs or style, just one more scratch.
Scratches here and there, in spite of a linen cover
Hovering around it all its life, it had
bad knocks many received, now
lovely – almost art-like on its now quiet face -
gracing its skin, once the white of pearls, Or
formerly bone-white, now reduced to
gruesome filaments of white in gray
maybe like the ‘Biḷi kūdalu’ on my aging head.
beda, bere enu beda”, as I thought,
Sought the charger in my cavernous bag
Rags pushed aside to reach deep
Eeps.., something sticky, yuck
Gucky, the remains of a candy long forgotten
when? “Beware”, said I to my little ones
“Once more - thirumbiyum -  will be one too many times.”, I say,
seriya?, Do you get it? Not anymore.
Porum, Don’t you leave these in my bag again.”

From Tamil:
Enga irundai nee - where were you?
Ēṉ edukillai - Why did you not pick up? (in this case, the phone)
Eppadi aachu theriyaadu - don't know how this happened 
thirumbiyum- once again
seriya? -  ok?
Porum - enough
From Hindi with a bit of English(Hinglish)
Abhi tho charge kiya tha - I just charged it
From Kannada :
Biḷi kūdalu - white hair
beda, bere enu beda - don't want, don't want anything (of this sort) anymore


  1. I'm impressed at how you were able to do this(the second one) in two languages, and still faithfully follow the chain rhyme form. And also, make me smile in the process. Thanks for participating at the Garden.

  2. WoW! I'm going to come back and read again. Dusk turned to images inmy mind clearly, but the masterful combining of challenges you did on the second requires a second look! Amazing.

  3. I'm back sooner--couldn't move away!

    "Hovering around it all its life, it had
    bad knocks many received, now
    lovely – almost art-like on its now quiet face . . ."

    Ah! telephones and melted candy all to relate across worlds and generations. Very much fun!

  4. my made me have to work for that one...yuck on the sticky candy that felt wonderful on your hand...ha...

  5. Lovely haiku of birds and sunset and hand-holding.

  6. I think birds naturally know when it is getting dark and not as silly as us humans.

  7. I REALLY like how you did the chain poem! Plus how you worked in the different languages for Poetics plus the wordle words. Now THAT was a challenge, and you accomplished it well. (And thanks for posting in Pantry!)

  8. Yeah 49er's, way to go! I am glad they will go. The Ravens too. All that since Houston flubbed.

    I'm liking your 'flood of word' a lot. I never 'questioned' why the chickens began roosting at dusk. My job was to make those who wanted to roost in the trees get down and sleep in the chicken house, locked in safe at nights from the coyotes.

    My 'retirement' ditty is on Jim's OSI, a different blog than the birdhouse micro.
    Thank you for peeking in on it.

  9. Wow, that's really impressive! I could hardly manage the chain poem in one language! Kudos!

  10. I love your haiku. The second poem is very intricate - you managed the chain poem very well and seem to have satisfied a few prompts with one poem, which must have been a brain teaser to write. Well done!

  11. Such impressive and lovely, effective writing, you mastered it all very well indeed!

  12. oh, this is great. So much excellent poetry in this post. The way you incorporated the languages into the piece is very creative and Hinglish- that's great. Thanks for sharing with us.

  13. Really enjoyed your multi-lingual chain rhyme - that's quite an achievement.

  14. Enjoyed the haiku and the chain was excellent.

  15. Worked well slotting in those Tamil phrases!

  16. Dramatically effective. Well done.

  17. wow, I'm seriouslyimpressedthat you get all the prompts into one post

  18. Loved your words...they crafted such imagery...a treat for the mind!

  19. ha smiles...mothers often find the strangest things in their bags.. smiles..enjoyed the inclusion of hindi, tamil and kannada...nice

  20. Great trio of haiku. they all go hand in hand! Excellent imagery

  21. "as dusk comes Pink-Orange skies awe" That really struck a chord with me. Just lovely.

  22. Beautiful poetry and a lovely mastery of both languages. I have a friend who loves the 49ers so congratulations!

  23. Love the imagery and lyrical words. ;-)

  24. enjoying dusk with holding hands, that's worked wonderfully for me.

    Loved it!

    Perpetual Dark


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