Wednesday, December 5, 2012

World of Words Wednesday - Part 2 - Memes/NaBloPoMo

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NaBloPoMo at BlogHer has prompts for every day which we can use to post about.
Question for today:
Do you enjoy teaching others? Talk about a time you taught someone how to do something.

For 3WW(battle, fluid, harvest), NaBloPoMo, dVerse Open Link Night

It was a battle of wills, a clash of goals,
Of mine to teach,  of theirs to play,
Since it had been a blocked-in rainy day
In an almost reversal of roles
I was almost ready to give up and say
Boys,  go have your way,  play!

The flash of lightning outside
Seemed to ignite an idea inside
I could introduce them to fluid dynamics!

I called them to my side
Asked them, have you watched a mosquito ride
The wind and the imaginary waves in the falling rain…

Have you ever wondered how
The mosquito manages to wow
And not get overpowered by the power that is rain..

They were all now fascinated
Eager to learn more and amazed
At these tiny powerhouses - the mosquito, the raindrop.

I told them a little of what I had read
And then told them,” Better yet
I will send you a video instead”

And moved on to the next subject of interest
Which was how to use rainwater, the answer – harvest
As loving to be green, I have indeed been reading
A lot about compost pits and rainwater harvesting
And the rain kept raining…

A little something behind this poem: it has been raining around here constantly, and in the past couple of den meetings we have had of my son's cub scout den, the boys have been fidgety and impatient, after having been cooped inside a room all day. I did not teach them this exact subject matter then but we did teach them other things like different types of bridges, air pressure, how the continents formed, and more. This would, though, be something I could teach in a future rainy day meeting, when the rain keeps raining.
The video link above (also here) is fascinating and the article there gives us a look into the wonders of nature - of how the tiny mosquito flies in the rain.


  1. That's amazing that you took a boring, rainy day and turned it into a teachable moment!

    1. thank you Rachel... the boys do love to learn so much - and that definitely makes teaching a lot more fun..

  2. nice...good on you for opening their eyes to the fascinating things in our world and taking a rainy day and making it meaningful....

    1. thank you Brian.. teaching them provides me an awesome opportunity to learn as well... so much i dont know still

  3. sometimes you can learn the most on a rainy yucky day.

  4. Dr Emilio Lizardo has the right attitude to the test subjects:)
    You could have taught them to play poker:)

    Cressida de Nova

    1. :) i am sure they will enjoy that as well but not too sure about the parents.. and plus, i will have to learn to play first..

  5. Well done, and -- well done!

    You made lemonade out of rainwater.

    I was the Webelos leader for 4 years when my son was in Cubs - more than 30 years ago, now. it was always a challenge to keep things [more or less] in line.


    1. thank you JzB.. this job is fun and I am enjoying it.. now my little girl (6 yrs old) wants to be a Girl Scout...:)
      and i agree about it being a challenge to keep things in line but yet fun


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