Sunday, December 2, 2012

Simply Sunday - Simply Memes

An addendum to my post:

oops! looks like i missed you – poetics linky!!
by 2 1/2 hours, in the space of a story read,
and a sink cleaned, after the kids were fed!

And one more thing I have on my to-do list, catch up on the comments on my posts from last week and do a lot of visiting!!

And my original post before the addendum follows:

Memes continue to inspire me week after week. Each weekday brings me different memes that help me work different aspects, work my brain cells more than they would otherwise, and make me more aware of what I am doing/reading/seeing each moment.

A quick look at the memes themselves before heading on to what I have contributed to them (I missed doing this intro to the memes yesterday but plan to do the intro to memes this whole week)

  • Brenda over at Sunday Whirl provides a word whirly each week - with a baker's dozen of words - and you can post anything on your blog using the words - prose/poetry/whatever you want - and link back. Be sure to visit other whirly fans too while you are there.
  • Over at One Single Impression as well as at  Sunday Scribblings the rules are simple: Use the prompt provided to post on your blog; enter your post URL onto the linky there; and be sure to visit and enjoy other's contributions as well!
  • Succinctly Yours is at Grandma's Goulash and you have to determine how low you can go - that is - Use the photo as inspiration for a story of 140 characters OR 140 words. And as a bonus, try to use the word provided as well.  
  •  Magpie Tales: provides an image as well to use as a prompt for your writing. Post and provide your URL in the linky. 
  • I am doing the Poetics Prompt as well this time over at dVerse Poets Pub - the prompt is 'Missing You'. As in the case of all other memes above, post your poetry on your blog, enter your URL in the linky provided and be sure to read, enjoy and encourage other participants.
  • And of course, I am working on meeting the NaBloPoMo December challenge at BlogHer as well - posting every day of the month - this month's theme - Work!
And now, my contributions:

For Sunday Whirl (the words in the whirly image below), One Single Impression (Yearn), Sunday Scribblings (Between you and me), Magpie Tales: (image - metronome - Object to be Destroyed by Man Ray), Succinctly Yours:(doll image below; word is reproach)
And to meet Grandma's requirements, the poem below is exactly 140 words!!

No reproach in her doll-like eyes,
Though she had been forgotten,
Like a destroyed metronome
Forlorn in the sand
A waxing yearning in her heart,
perhaps to be loved again

This metronome that is ticking away
Brings back memories of that day

Between you and me, I would have to say
As I watched her, watching me, almost mute
I regretted that moment in time, 
When I was filled with the drive
With the almost manic desire to find,
This perfect fuse of art and song
This metronome was then hewn
But as I worked towards this desire,
It took me to a fork in the path
I chose the one that she did not want
A clash of desires, a clash of goals
And our friendship, that was meant to be, 
Reduced to a short-term affair, was no more

For dVerse Poetics (Missing You):
The days when I could read
For hours on end
With no worries of meals to make
Or mountain-loads of laundry to fold
The only mountains I saw then
Were the ones in the stories I made

The shirt that I wore
Almost constantly that it was a bore
Not for me, but for others, I am sure
The one that went missing
When I returned from a trip away from home

The familiar paths that we walked
My friend and I as we talked
Without a fear in the world
As we were among friends

The park, the school, the place
All that are so well-known they each have a face
Where wonderful memories were made

Family, friends across mountains and seas
Whom I interact with using tools of modern technology

I miss you


  1. these are both very good. love how your voice changes for each piece. Touching Missing and love the way you used the whirl words

  2. Enjoyed both of these. Excellent write.

  3. You tell a beautiful poetic story, or stories - very well done.

  4. Enjoyed reading both of these. Very descriptive and nicely worded :)

  5. Both are wonderful! Clever use of the whirl words given!


  6. Congratulations on killing so many birds with one delightful stone.

  7. ha. you def have to refind rhythm that fits the family...i did laundry this weekend...washed and folded...conquered the mountain...smiles...i def understand the missing of friends though...smiles.

  8. You did really good doing them all. Poor little doll, that's what happens until they're antiques. (Like all of us, they can be loved again. A sandy lie is fine, just so it isn't a bar. Mom used to tell me all the time that I would never find a nice girl in a bar.)

    My OSI is on my other blog, Jim's OSI [2nd].

  9. Enjoyed them both. How clever to marry diverse elements like a doll and a metronome so smoothly.

  10. The familiar paths that we walked
    My friend and I as we talked
    Without a fear in the world
    As we were among friends

    This says it all...true friendship- being amongst friends- this just conjured up a great image of two friends walking in the country...moments like these are precious...really nice heartwarming poem

  11. I like both of these - most especially the first, where you ambitiously FUSED so many memes.

    Wonderful writing.


  12. I loved the way you combined so many different forms together ... brilliant !!!

  13. Like the truly talented member of the female gender you have blended and suceeded so well at all the tasks rolled into one. I hear you roar. :-)

  14. that's a lot of memes - I think I got lost in the mix!

  15. Two beautiful and amazing poems. I love the theme of the metronome throughout the first poem. Thanks for sharing the memes you visit.

  16. both very good indeed....thanks for sharing your words

  17. The fusion of prompts is great. Well done.

  18. The first one, I absolutely loved. The destroyed metronome is a fantastic image, and the repetition of the metronome brings a haunting unity (haunting because I keep thinking of it in pieces, still trying to tick-tick-tick). Anyhow, great!

  19. thank you all for your wonderful comments..


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