Friday, December 21, 2012

Fun Fridays - Holiday Parties are fun

NaBloPoMo's work related prompt for today is:
Do you think some people achieve easily, or do you agree with Lombardi that "the only place success comes before work is in the dictionary"?
I believe that people achieve when they work. So yes, I do agree with Lombardi here. Yesterday’s prompt talked about getting luckier as you work harder. And I do not fully agree with this quote but at the same time I do not believe that you can achieve without work, so yes, success comes before work ONLY in the dictionary.

Both excerpts today – For Book Beginnings: and The Friday 56: – are from the book ‘Zeb and the Great Ruckus’ by Josh Donellan that both I and my now 10 year old son are reading.
The beginning captured my interest totally. Here it is for you to enjoy as well:
“This is a story made from pieces of all the dreams that you had when you were asleep, but then forgot when you woke up. Some of the most brilliant ideas occur in dreams: songs, poems, stories, inventions.”

On Page 56, I found this fun snippet to share:
“He knows even? Even what? Even numbers? Odds or evens? Evangeline the baker’s daughter? Oh Zeb, don’t make me guess, you know I’m no good at guessing games.”

My Friday Flash 55 – Today was the last day of school before winter break for my kids. I had to arrange the holiday party for my sons' fourth grade class and I came up with a few games for the kids to play (a few of the kids were off on holiday already) so we had fewer kids and they all had lots of fun playing the games - scrambled words, memory game, and more. And of course, snacks for them as well.

25 kids scratching heads, no, not lice,
but words to unscramble,
Christmas party at class,
What can ‘womanns’ be?
And finally getting that right,
Victory hands up in the air..
Is it snack time now? Pipes one mite
Pizza smells are everywhere..
School bells ring soon after
‘Yay! Winter break’
All I hear – joy, laughter

NOTE: I have lots of visiting planned - on the blog world over the weekend:) and I am enjoying reading the comments and reading everyone's contributions to the various memes.. And I am still catching up from earlier this week on everyones posts on all the memes I participate in.


  1. Yes it's a most wonderful time..of the year!
    Especially for kids.
    Most Excellent vacation 55
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Holiday Week-End Yourself....G

  2. I love the first lines of this book! I wonder, are all the segments of dreams good or are there nightmares thrown in as well?

    1. i am reading this still and am enjoying it so far..:)

  3. I needed to hear about joy and laughter and pizza smells and parties in a school this week! I love that you read your children's books. I did/do, too! My greatest accomplishment in life is teaching my boys to read. I miss Harry Potter! I went into mourning when the series ended...

    1. thank you Brandi, i needed to hear it myself and so wrote it as well..
      i agree with your comment about your greatest accomplishment..

  4. Ah, the laughter and excitement of children... it lifts the heart. :)

    1. thank you Margaret. yes, it does:) every moment of every day


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