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Yummy Tummy Tuesdays - Vegan Eats World review and giveaway announcement

Vegan Eats World – I love books and I love cooking (actually, that is stretching the truth a little but I do love trying out recipes around the world!) and I am vegetarian, so picking this book out of the NetGalley RCs to review was a no-brainer. And I am soooo glad I did. This book is a gift – not just for vegans but for everyone and a treasure for beginner cooks.  You can take a culinary trip around the world right through it’s pages. This book is proof that vegan food can come from anywhere in the world and is totally not boring.

The book is divided into three parts with helpful hints on symbols used throughout the book. Terry wonders what it would be like if the world turned vegan at the start of the book! That is a must-read. She has   a helpful  ‘How to use this book’ section at the beginning with symbols used for each recipe, each symbol meaning something – like low fat, beginner, no soy, and other such useful information for cooking and this proves very helpful.

Part one is a boon – it includes lists of ethnic ingredients(tips on storing/buying them as well as substitutes), super-helpful shopping lists, descriptions of various kitchen equipment and their uses,  and clear descriptions of basic cooking terms used in this book (like deglazing and many others). There have been so many times when I have wondered what a cooking term in a recipe meant or what I could use as a substitute for a basic ingredient in a recipe since I did not have it. This section covers it all – it answers questions I did not know I had!

Part two is the ‘meat’ of the book – the recipes. The recipes are divided logically into chapters – with chapters covering basics like spice blends; yummy chutneys and spreads; hearty meals; as well as , according to me, the most important of all – a whole chapter devoted to desserts! The daunting task of choosing one recipe to make from this delicious selection is made easy for the reader, the cook by using the friendly icons described at the beginning of the book and by menu ideas at the end of the book. Armed with this, you can cook up meals everyday of the week for yourself, your family or your neighborhood with no problems! The problems will arise when your family and neighbors clamor for more. Terry’s recipes have clear directions and she includes information and tips with each recipe as well as for each chapter which makes them not only easy to follow but also a fun read. The photos in the book (not one for every recipe, unfortunately) add to the yum appeal of the book.

I have already tried a couple of the recipes from the book and loved them – the first one I tried was the ‘Savory Baked Tofu’ – a simple choice for me since the kids love tofu, the icons said minimal cooking time, easy and I had the ingredients at hand. I also tried the ‘Roasted Cauliflower with Mint’ with similar results – kids who do not care too much for cauliflower loved it! I have no photos of the recipes tried so far as the troops needed feeding!

Part three at the end of the book includes useful menus for planning your meals, online resources as well as a listing of recipes by icons (example: beginner, low fat etc). This is definitely very useful for me as I spend a lot of time planning menus for each week, for parties and this will save me tons of time!

Healthy, yummy, easy-to-follow recipes in a book that is fun to read and so informative and useful as well! A definite must-have for every kitchen – vegan or not.

I am also thrilled to announce a giveaway at this time for this book! Thanks to the publishers, one lucky reader will win a hard copy of this book. The giveaway will be open to US and Canada readers only and will be open until Nov 30th. The Rafflecopter for the giveaway will be up later today (around 11 am Pacific Time, Tuesday, Nov 20th) for all of you to participate.

Rating: A+

Disclaimer:Thank you to NetGalley for sending me a digital review copy of the books. My thoughts on this book were in no way influenced by the author or publicist. They are my personal opinions formed when I read this book.

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  1. Thanks for the review. The ingredient information at the beginning of the book sounds great, it was definitely useful in her other book, Viva Vegan.


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