Thursday, November 8, 2012

My Thursday post - the Quest continues...

As my quest to blog every day for this month (NaBloPoMo) continues, I am amazed at all my blogger friends out there who post such wonderful content each day for all of us to read. It is their work that continues to inspire me to post more regularly, and more importantly, post better content.

Here is my entry for Theme Thursday where the theme for this week is Soup! One of my current reads is 'Soup of the Day' and I have discovered wonderful soups in that book. Lots of wonderful pictures to tasty you up with visual treats and many vegetarian options for me to try out - this book is definitely a good read.

We grew up on a diet of mostly, simple South Indian food – a little white rice served along with steamed and stir fried vegetables and either a rasam and/or sambar to accompany the rice.  The rasam is so simple, so versatile and so satisfying – it is perfect for everyday as well as for days when you yearn for soul food, when you are sick, when you are healthy. There is a rasam for almost every sickness, I am guessing – my mom made a rasam for colds and coughs and another for an upset stomach. Mulligatawny soup has its origins in the humble rasam – the word comes from the Tamil language – Milagu Thanni – literally meaning Pepper Water and the main ingredients of rasam are tamarind water and spices (pepper being one main spice).

 Image courtesy: Tasty Appetite

My Travel Thursday posts will start next week...


  1. Wow, I had no idea that there were even that many types of soup. But I guess that there are that many different varieties of vegetables and meats out there in which you could make many different combinations to probably even make more than in the book.

    Your food sounds wonderful and to have your mom make something healthy or healing each day is such a wonderful thing. I sure could use a soup that clears up congestion from one's lungs right about now. Although I am allergic to cayenne pepper which seems to be the main ingredient in most soups that people say are used for healing.

    Anyway, I hope you find many vegetarian soups that you enjoy. I enjoy vegetarian dishes.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful book and your story of your mom with us for this weeks Theme Thursday. Very nice, and I hope you have a blessed weekend.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you!! We use a lot of black pepper for the rasam :) so you should be able to enjoy it that way


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