Monday, November 5, 2012

Magic Monday - The joy of reading together

Gone are the days when I did all the reading to my kids. Nowadays, it is more of the 'I'll read to you, You read to me' type of reading going on in our household. And I admit, I am loving it. My little ones read with lots more feeling and expressions than I can ever have and their fumbling through some of the big words that might find their way into our reading makes reading all the more fun than ever.

We have read our way through lots of books, some big, and many mostly small.
My DD loves reading the smallish books together most and books online seem to capture her interest a lot more than actual books, for some reason - the new generation??
Some of our favorite books to read have been:
Belinda begins Ballet This book is an uplifting story that tells you that you can be whatever you want to be no matter what others tell you.
Little Pink Pup  A real story about a premature baby pig taken in by a dachshund and her pups told with charming photos and a top favorite for that very reason.

You can't go to school naked 
When his parents tell him that he can't go to school naked because those are the rules, and give him all the possible worst case scenarios that could happen if he does, this little boy comes up with a solution that works for him!!

The books above go towards the weekly meme at Jen and Kellee's - and What are you reading? From Picture Books to YA

My son enjoys snuggling in with us as well every once in a while to read books. Most days, I have to remind him to stop reading as it is a school night. His current favorites are the Rick Riordan books and I am planning to get to reading them soon as well though I did read Book 1 - The Lightning Thief - about a year ago.

What are you reading? 

The Immortals of Meluha (Completed reading - review to come Wednesday)
Secret of the Nagas (sequel to Immortals of Meluha - reading now)
Margaret and the Moth Tree (digital ARC - reading now - review to come next Monday)
Journeys on the Silk Road (review copy - reading now - review to come next Wednesday)


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