Sunday, September 9, 2012

Back after a loooong break, and to Bloggiesta and BBAW

I have spent the last couple of weeks thinking about how I should get back into the blogging world after having been on a break for over three months now.  I read other people’s posts on blogging after a break, be it a short one or a looong break, like mine (a search for ‘BLOGGING AFTER A LONG BREAK’ actually got me loads of results! And I said to myself, I am not alone in this). I read about blog stats when I was not blogging and what should be my reentry strategy from outside the blogging atmosphere back to blogworld. I thought about whether I need to write a post on my long absence or dive right back into it as if I was never away.
What did I do while I was away? A wonderful time with family in India, tradition, nature kind of sums up my experiences the last couple of months – a traditional growing-up ceremony for my son (it is called a upanayanam, many a times referred to a Hindu Bar-Mitzwah – you can read more about it here, here or here) that was a wonderful mix of family, friends, culture and tradition; visits to beautiful bird sanctuaries – one in Singapore (the Jurong Bird Park) and one in Mysore(Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary); visits to famous  local parks in the erstwhile garden city of Bangalore; and of course, shopping in my old favorite haunts while discovering new shopping haunts!
(whew, that was a long one! Anyways, now you know why I was away for at least 8 weeks of my absence)
Now, that I am planning to be back, I noticed a few events that i thought will be perfect for my reentry to blogger world- and here is my entry post to them – Bloggiesta (I enjoyed participating in this last time) and BBAW (for the first time – I blog about books and more but books are definitely my first love, now don’t tell my DH that!) .

My plan for Bloggiesta
  1. Start blogging with a schedule and follow it
  2. Contemplating whether to switch to Google+ profile (I am registered as LadyInRead in so many places, !) –your opinion on that?? Would love to hear if you are planning to?
  3. And some more items to add – closer to Bloggiesta
Sign up for this fun event here

For BBAW, my first post will be up early tomorrow and
5, 6, 7, 8
Who do I appreciate?
That is the theme for Day one of BBAW.. I have a couple of blogs that I love and am going to post about first thing tomorrow…

Register for BBAW (if you have not done so yet) here.


  1. Welcome back! You're definitely not alone in this - lots of people take longer breaks. Sometimes (well, many times) life gets in the way of blogging and we can't help it. :) I hope you have fun during Bloggiesta!

    Here's my post and my Bloggiesta goals.

    1. thank you for your comments! yes, creating a work-life-blog-and-everything-else balance is something i am always trying to achieve!

  2. Welcome back! Good luck with your to do list. I'm participating also-hopefully I'll make a dent and learn some new things also and also catch up with some back logged reviews. LOL!


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