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Travel Thursday - Travels in a flying car - book review

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And if you are lucky enough, you might just travel around the world just like the Tootings - in a flying car!! Here is my review of the book below.
by Frank Cottrell Boyce
Illustrations by Joe Berger
Publication Date: March 13, 2012

My take: I loved this book. I did not realize till I found this on NetGalley as a digital ARC that the first Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was written by Ian Fleming – his only children’s book. I have seen the movie (which, I have heard, is very different from the book) and now plan to read that book as well. 

In this story, Chitty begins her life with the Tootings as just her engine. The Tootings are a charming, energetic, modern family – a mix of wonderful characters - cheerful and optimistic dad, calm mom, the Goth, genius daughter Lucy, the practical, smart son Jem and the super observant, happy baby Harry.  

When dad loses his job, he announces that this is the chance to do anything, go anywhere. As the family plans a trip, mom buys an old camper van for dad to restore for use on the trip. The Tooting family fits an old engine (Chitty’s) they find into their van without realizing that they are looking for the adventure of their lives by doing so. Soon, the Tooting family is zooming across the world as Chitty reassembles herself while Bond style criminals chase them. 

I read the book with a smile on my face throughout and lots of chuckles at the wacky, quirky sense of humor. The illustrations are wonderful and complement the story perfectly. There are references to Ian Flemings James Bond thrown in at various points. The original Count Zborowski also gets a salute with Chitty in this book being based on his car.

Award-winning-author Frank Cottrell Boyce and illustrator Joe Berger have teamed up to create this wonderful book, sure to be a favorite and hopefully made into a movie. Plus, it is the first in a planned series of three and I am looking forward to reading the next ones already.

As a final note, the book manages to teach a little of geography, cultures, languages, automobiles, as well as the values of humor, optimism, ingenuity, family as the Tootings travel around the world together and help each other through the adventures.

Some of my favorite lines from the book (was hard to choose as enjoyed each and every word in the book):
“Children,” he said, “and, wife — my Excellent Big News is that”— he looked around the table, enjoying their expectant faces — “I never have to work again! What do you think of that!?”
“El Dorado. Camelot. Troy. Xanadu. Atlantis. They were all big cities once, and now no one knows where they are. They got lost. I bet it was because of out-of-date maps.”
Rating: A
Reading Level: Ages 9–12

Disclaimer:Thank you to NetGalley for sending me a digital review copy. I was not compensated for my review. My thoughts on this book were in no way influenced by the author or publicist. They are my personal opinions formed when I read this book.

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