Sunday, February 5, 2012

Simply Sunday - Simply Memes...

I have been away again for too long... The days seemed to drift like sand through fingers and now I hopefully have grasped time! :)

For Succintly Yours( image here and word is speculate), One Single Impression(Sour Grapes), Sunday Scribblings(Lesson):
“A lesson learned – do not speculate too long else what you get is sour grapes”, he thought as he cleared up the desk, previously his. (134)

For Sunday Whirl:

There he sat amidst the ruins, looking like a hellion
A lot petulant, feeling the first flutters of rebellion
His ears perked, the faint staccato of heels coming near
Her? How did she know to find him here?
She reached him, nearer, yet still too far              
She knelt down, gently touched the scar,
He looked at her then, a little dubious,
Her hair was dancing all around her in billows,
One tiny curl darted out to caress his cheek
His heart, which he had exiled to some dark corner
Opened the latch of the heavy, almost metallic, doors around, all because of her
His soul leaped with joy, his lips curled up in a smile
It was as if multiple fuses had been lit, fireworks all around while
For them - the ruins ceased to exist, it was only him, only her, only them.

For Magpie tales and Sunday Whirl and One Single Impression:
In the glorious ruins all around
Are leaves swirling in billows above the ground
The dubious earth fuses with the petulant wind
Seeming to ask, “Why this rebellion? Why this need to be a fiend?
You are bound to scar me. Please have a care, don’t be so violent”
Suddenly, everything quiets, the wind, the earth, all utterly silent
A latch opening somewhere with staccato sounds, 
Metallic hands dart out suddenly, as if having been in exile forever,
Holding a shining red gem, a treasure
And a voice said,”These were sour grapes before”!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! When I saw sour grapes and the mag photo, I wanted this effect.. and the wordle helped me as well..

  2. Nice meme page, L.I.R. ~~ Your Succintly Yours has been a sign of our times. I almost used that them too, but did differently. ~~ Your OSI, Sour Grapes in combo was a natural for brooding after a lay-off. I did C&W on mine.
    Come see (two different blog sites, one for each),

    1. Thank you Jim.. enjoyed the visits to your blog sites as well..

  3. (This comment points itself in the direction of your Succinctly Yours story-->) YIKES! So many people having to go without their jobs these days. It's a crime that makes our stomachs growl! I guess there's nothing to do but look to the bright side: If worse comes worst, the guy whose income has been snuffed, can eat those sour grapes<--a possibly refreshing change from Ramen noodles?!

    1. Thank you... and I am hoping that there are fewer sour grapes to eat in the future...

  4. I could hear that latch opening...

    1. Thank you! Enjoyed your take on the prompt as well...

  5. A sad tale, to be sure. And a fine lesson, too---never mind speculation, just work hard and do such a great job the boss would never consider issuing a pink slip. Although to be fair, in this economy, I've known a number of diligent, hardworking people who fell victim to downsizing. Timely microfiction.

    1. that is totally true.. your takes on the prompt brought lots of laughs...
      and speculation is totally a waste of time anyways. unless in the stock market and maybe i speculate right!

  6. i really like what you have done here...thanks for sharing

  7. Wow, well done. All good stuff.

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

    1. Thank you... now am going to try limericks next after reading yours...

  8. Great SY story---I especially like the "sour grapes" idea. I love your Magpie tale, too--sour grapes turning into a gem

    1. thanks!! that one - sour grapes turning into a gem - was a gem of a idea for me today.. and i have exhausted my ideas for this week with that one..

  9. Sour grapes are never a good idea. LOL

  10. The days have drifted away for me as well. Sorry that I haven't stopped by sooner. I really enjoyed your microfiction. Fine words of wisdom in story format. Nicely done.

    1. Thank you for your wonderful comments, as always! I should have my new post up soon, hopefully!


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