Sunday, January 8, 2012

Simply Sunday - A life rich with experiences, memories..

We went to a birthday party this weekend – to celebrate the 80th birthday of a relation. I just hope to have led such a wonderful and experience-rich life as he has when I reach that age. As I watch my children grow and my parents, my in-laws and ourselves age, I can see life moving on at her pace without pausing, and hope to collect great riches - riches of experiences, memories, and family and friends and retain them.When I told my daughter who is turning six next month that we are attending an 80th birthday party, she had to ask me, "eight and a zero?" and she wanted to see how the cake will look like!!

Finding a gift for someone turning eighty is difficult too - I ended up going with books (my favorite gift to give to kids and now looks like for all ages) and flowers. Dr.Seuss saved me here as well with this book. (My other favorite Seuss books to gift: A Baker's Dozen and Oh! The Places you will Go)

Now for my Sunday memes
For Sunday Whirl, my entry is below with the whirlie of this week:

I sit down amidst the ruins by the bubbling stream
Maybe this was the hearth and over there, definitely part of the gate
As I close my eyes, I fall gently into a dream
My mind gropes at thousands of forgotten memories and I wait
For that flash of insight, that bittersweet pain;
I saw the curtains on the window – lightly fluttering
Heard from the beautiful thatched roof  - the sound of rain –
that always made it sound the house was breathing -
A living thing made of stones, built with love.
As I drifted back to reality, I knew –
"Rebuild this wonderful treasure trove"
And this is what I set out to do.

My entry for Magpie Tales:
The king, it seems cannot leave his kingliness,
Be it Siam or Times Square.
He looms over everyone and keeps an eye on us;
Of Father Duffy watching him - he is totally unaware!
For Succinctly Yours (image here and word: drift), One Single Impression (word:Invincible), Sunday Scribblings (word: Normal)

"Get my drift? I am invincible in this game." (43 characters)
"Of course, this is not normal for us. We just drifted into this on our break."(77 characters)


  1. Excellent! Two different ways of using "drift."

    #1- The bragger should be forewarned that "Pride goeth before a fall!"

    #2 - Ah, they are still boys at heart.

  2. I drifted over here for the wordle and discovered a treasure trove. You must have a lot of fun.

  3. "Get my drift? I am invincible in this game."

    I have to laugh at myself because I thought your entry read "invisible," not "invincible." I looked at the picture and thought a clever you was standing in the space between the two guys facing forward. I thought for sure you were getting ready to lob the footbag without being seen! LOL!

  4. lol nice magpie....kings do that sort of thing...

  5. A double "drift." Nice!

    My father-in-law just turned 88 in October, so I know what you mean about the difficulty of finding gifts. We've started presenting him with tickets to his favorite shows, i.e. the symphony, opera, etc. and then escorting him there. He finds such joy in the performances; it is better than any mall gift we might find.

  6. Rebuilding a house is a journey. I enjoyed my journey through your pieces. May we all have 80th birthdays!

  7. Impressive collection. Excellently well done.

  8. Great set of prompt responses. The wordle in particular resonated with me; my brother's house was knocked off its slab and dropped on a neighbor's house during Hurricane Katrina, and when we saw the devastation, we shared a few moments of "that used to be over there" as we found the scattered remnants of his household. He moved on instead of rebuilding (he was renting the house), but the feelings were much the same.

  9. Magpie and Micro excellently done.

  10. Invincible. Oh for that youthful confidence. Two excellent stories.

  11. Oh, to feel invincible! Two wonderful stories!


  12. both very good....thanks for sharing all your words

  13. Kings do have a hard time giving up. :)

  14. thank you all for the visit and wonderful comments.. I got a little late in responding to comments and now decided will be easier to post ONE BIG THANKS to all!


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