Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Getting back after the break - wonderful!

It has been wonderful taking a long-overdue, well-deserved break for the whole family and now as the new year begins, I feel I am all refreshed and ready to start this year.

Starting off the new year with memes this week and get to regular posts by next week...
For the Sunday Whirl, One Single Impression(prompt is Change), Sunday Scribblings(prompt is New)
As she spun a yarn to her friends,
They hoped she would tell them something new,
Not the same old yarn she spun earlier
But something New that the wind blew
Else they would have to yell, “Stop!
Please change the drift of the yarns you spin,
Tell us something that will have us in stitches,
Something that we need not shovel into the garbage bin
A story so plum, a story totally not expected,
That it will be our loss if it is not heard.
Tell us something so New, So refreshing,
A wonderful change from everyday things!
Something we can write about in our letters
as we write to friends wearing our new plum colored yarn sweaters!”
(Note: The last sentence above was an afterthought as I realized I had missed 'letters' and 'sweaters' and it is a bit much but could not stop writing once I started)

For Magpie Tales:, One Single Impression(prompt is Change), Sunday Scribblings(prompt is New)

Never changing, Yet always new
That is how this untouched spot I view…

For Succinctly Yours: image prompt to the right and word to be used (optional) is 'memories'
“Wasn’t I clever to let T-Rex guard my champagne?” (50)

 “Memories!? You want mine? You must be joking. They are a lot fuzzy at my age, like the bubbles in the champagne next to me”, roared Dino. (139)

“What are celebrations after all? New memories being made, indication of change!” roared Mr.T-Rex to his lady love as he set down his glass. (140)

What are you reading? is a weekly meme hosted by Book Journey. It is a time when we share what we've read, currently reading, or what is up next on our reading list.
Completed reading:
'Just Like Heaven' by Julia Quinn
'To be Perfectly Honest' by Phil Callaway

Currently reading:
'The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate'
'The Sari Shop' by Rupa Bajwa
'Dreaming of Mr.Darcy' by Jane Connelly

Next to read:
'The Twentieth Wife' by Indu Sundaresan
'The First Men in the Moon' by H.G. Wells


  1. The second one sounds like me. LOL I turned 51 in 2011 and my memory is fuzzy most of the time!

  2. never changing but always new...i het that...very cool twist there...

  3. The sweater line made me smile. Over the top, but it suits the piece. I love the tone of the piece, as you could not stop writing, the piece itself propels a reading. Well penned!

    Thanks for participating at the Whirl,

  4. You are certainly a microfiction natural. Enjoyed all, but, like Lisa, I really relate to the second one.

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  6. Hey L.I.R, I like these.

    Is there anything new. I was background thinking of some nice fresh snow that would be pure and not needing discarding.

    I vote for the third, Mr. T. Rex, microfiction story. He must be a hardy old soul!

    I did both also, on different blogs:
    OSI - Jim's Little Photo and Poem Place
    Succintly Yours - Jim's Little Blog

  7. @Brian MillerThanks as always.. the two words and the scenery just made me think of this immediately..

  8. @brenda wThank you! Love taking part in the whirl each week..

  9. @Grandma's GoulashThanks for the compliments..:)I found I enjoy writing microfiction..

  10. @JimA fresh new look ... will definitely try to add that as well :) thanks for the comments..


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