Tuesday, December 20, 2011

World of Words Wednesday - Princess Recovery Program - a Review

Being the mom of a little diva myself – luckily a diva who is also a knight in disguise (she rushes to her older brother’s defense always!) – I always worry about the whole ‘princess’ effect on girls, of any age. I necessarily do not consider princess syndrome evil -like the author herself – but like the author do feel a major need to balance the princess effect with other down-to-earth measures. Finding this similar point of view in the introduction of the book, I was all too ready to dive into it so I can figure out how to help myself help my little ones grow into strong, independent, self-reliant, beautiful-inside-and-out individuals! And I am glad to say that this book is perfect for this.
Love the ideas she imparts that we can use with girls at any age (and also boys since many of the topics do impact boys as well) – some of the ideas I loved and plan to use with my little ones (if I need to share all the ideas, then I need to ask you to get the book itself and it is worth it!)
  • using ‘wish lists’ (add items you, your children want to a wish-list and set a waiting period for them, revisit and you might either find you really do not want/need the item anymore, or if you still want/need it, figure out what needs to be done to get it – maybe declutter) – this will work for me considering my little one wanted a makeup set (she is six and I do not wear makeup!)
  • reinforces the idea of parents being role-models with lots of surprising places where we fail to be role-models (for example, how many times do you ask them to respond to you immediately or soon, no matter what they are doing, after trying to teach them perseverance? This is one example mentioned and I am guilty of doing this)
Each chapter is organized in a helpful manner that helps navigate the book easily:
·         Main idea of chapter shown by the ‘Princess’ Symptom that is the problem and the ‘Heroine’ Value we need to instill.
·         A brief overview of what the chapter addresses
·         The ‘Princess’ Symptom – the whys, hows and whats of that specific symptom
·         Steps and ideas on how to overcome/work on avoiding the Princess Symptom
·         The ‘Heroine’ Value - the whys, hows and whats of that specific value
·         Steps and ideas on how to instill these characters that make up the value
·         Age-Appropriate solutions for the ‘Princess’ Symptom (Ages 2-3, 4-5, 6-8) – though this part only addresses these age-groups, these can be used across many age-groups and the rest of the ideas mentioned in the book also can be applied across ages.
There are also two helpful and informative appendixes which give a list of good books and play ideas to instill healthy values while resolving the issues of the ‘Princess’ symptom.

A wonderful book to raise your very own smart knightess (or knight!)

Disclaimer: I received this book from NetGalley and did not receive any other compensation other than the review copy. This is my honest review of the book.

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