Sunday, December 11, 2011

Magic Monday - Franklin the turtle and Monday Memes

Franklin is a favorite at our home and we have a few books which I have read many times over. When I saw this book on NetGalley, I requested it for I was sure we will love it and that is what happened.
The importance and joy of giving is beautifully portrayed in the book. In this story, Mr.Owl reminds the children to bring toys (new and gently used) for the toy drive and as Franklin looks through his toys, he finds it hard to give away even one of his special toys. As he postpones the giving, he watches his friends donate wonderful gifts.  When he realizes his toy might be the only gift someone receives, he also realizes that what he thought was special earlier will not work.  Finally, his great aunt Harriet’s words inspire him and he has the perfect gift to give away – which is both loved and almost new. He realizes that giving can make you feel not sad but all warm and good inside, better than even receiving.
The illustrations are bright and cheerful and the text just perfect for younger kids, as always with Franklin books.
My daughter was thrilled when she understood that the toys she has donated this year at various toy drives at her dance school, day care and her brother’s scout pack will light up some other little girl’s face who would not have had a gift otherwise (I am just glad she did not question why Santa would not give them a gift, though I had an answer for them and hoped it would have worked!). I said that the little girl will thank the person who gave her the gift in her heart and you will know it!

This book is a definite ‘read many times over’ book in our house.
Disclaimer: I received this book - Franklin's Christmas Gift -  through NetGalley for a honest review.

I thought this will be a good time to review one other Franklin favorite at home which also fits in the Christmas theme.

Franklin's School Play: This Franklin book teaches kids that being afraid is OK and teaches that confidence is within you - you just need to work hard to reach for it - and you can be a star!

Franklin is chosen to play the lead role in the annual school showing of 'The Nutcracker'. He is thrilled about it and has learned all the lines by heart. But at the dress rehearsal, he faces stage fear and he is unable to perform. With a charming twist in the tale, the story shows how Franklin bests his fears to be the star he is.

Both these books go towards the Picture Book Challenge

Monday Memes:
Succinctly Yours - I discovered this meme last week and am loving it. So here I am back again this week. This meme has the following rules:
Use the weekly photo as inspiration for a story of 140 characters OR 140 words. It doesn’t have to be exactly 140, just not more. Want more challenge? Use the word of the week in your story. This part is optional.
This week's challenge word: diligent and the photo along with my entry is below (126 characters) 

"What did you say?",
whispered Fiona to Fay.
Fay replied,"We are lost, cuz!
Can't you see Frank's diligent avoidance of us?

What are you reading? is a weekly meme hosted by Book Journey. It is a time when we share what we've read, currently reading, or what is up next on our reading list.
Completed reading: Books reviewed here and not much else...
Currently reading:
'The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate'
'The Sari Shop' by Rupa Bajwa
'To be Perfectly Honest' by Phil Callaway

Next to read:
'Maid to Match'
'The Twentieth Wife' by Indu Sundaresan

I have to complete all these books by the end of the year as have lots of challenges I have signed up for in 2012 which I need to begin as early as possible to try to complete!

image by Mostafa Habibi
One more magical meme I discovered at Magpie Tales
"If only I could, I would,
Yes, I would -
participate in the meme at Magpie Tales
But here I am bound
by the sand that is me
(when will I learn to say No?
when will I learn to break free from Yes?)
While the boat that will take me to freedom
is just out of reach - out of my bounded arm's length."


  1. I like the photo meme from succinctly yours. It sounds like it could be a lot of fun . I might join

  2. Let's hear it for freedom! :)

  3. Wish there was more emphasis in our world on doing things for others. Studies show it contributes heavily to happiness.

    Here's my It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

  4. I love Franklin! :) Happy Reading to you!

  5. Frank is quite the long-suffering man! He must be biting his tongue.

  6. Why is such a short word so difficult to say?
    My empathies on that one.

  7. Must confess ... the lure of the Magpie is real.

  8. My kids loved the Franklin books, too. :)

    Nice job on the microfiction!

  9. Enjoyed your microfiction. You worked the word of the week in quite smoothly.

  10. boys love franklin...or did they are growing up....

  11. @Jackieit is and I am having fun participating the past couple of weeks..

  12. @Cadthank you for the shout out to freedom..

  13. @Deb Nance at Readerbuzzyes, and all through the year instead of just around Christmas or during a crisis..

  14. @Sheila (Bookjourney)definitely cute...and I love the lessons taught without seeming to in these books..

  15. @Book LadyThanks for visiting... am hoping to finish the reads I have on my list this week.

  16. @anthonynorthThank you! I enjoy reading your posts too - very inspiring always..

  17. @Pat:)Frank reminds me of someone I know...

  18. @pspacer11Thank you.. am learning to say that simple word - one of the very first my kids learned to speak..

  19. @Helenyes, I saw it a couple of times before as well and this time I succumbed...

  20. @Grandma's GoulashThank you and loved the prompt this week as well..

  21. @Brian MillerFranklin is teaching my kids life lessons.. and hope they remember Franklin at least tomorrow (and that way the lessons learned)

  22. I really like what you did with the prompt...thanks for sharing

  23. "What did you say?", whispered Fiona to Fay. Fay replied,"We are lost, cuz! Can't you see Frank's diligent avoidance of us?"

    Rat's. Too bad Frank's name wasn't "Hansel," as he would have had the forsight to bring a stash of bread crumbs (AND, hopefully, this go-round, a crow-shoo-er!)


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