Wednesday, October 12, 2011

World of Words Wednesdays - Toads and Diamonds

This was a YA book and I do not recall exactly how I discovered the book but am so glad I did. The cover definitely is catching and the description too.
Toads and Diamonds is a charming retelling of the classic story of two step-sisters (The Fairies by Charles Perrault). Tomlinson makes this book wonderful by creating a strong bond of love and friendship between the two sisters who are a perfect blend of beauty and brains – Diribani is beautiful while Tana is clever.  This story is set in something in a land which can be described as an exotic, colorful, magical, alternate India (kind of like an Indian Narnia).
As I read the book, I followed the sisters on their travels and adventures which begin after they both meet with the Goddess Naghali-ji who bestows on them the gifts of Toads(and snakes) and Diamonds(as well as flowers and other gems). As their gifts (which is a blessing, which a curse?) are discovered, their lives change and they go on separate paths. Tomlinson switches back and forth between their stories - Tana as she spouts flowers, gems and Diribani who chooses to remain mute instead of letting out toads and snakes - beautifully and weaves in secondary characters who play important roles effortlessly. As I reached the last page of the book, I was left with a curiously nice feeling – of having read something that was satisfying and still left me longing for something more.
All in all, a great read! I am now on the look for more YA and more Tomlinson.
This goes towards my South Asian book challenge.

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