Thursday, October 27, 2011

Travel Thursday - Themed Tours!

Managed to get a total alliteration going on the post title this time around!!

Every city has it's well-known landmarks, it's must-see list, and also has it's oddities, culture, and uniqueness which get captured in an hometown author's book or article or memories and also get captured sometimes in movies. These unique aspects of the city are what I want to explore and I have known about these tours for a while now in all these cities - just need to get going on them soon (am hoping to start with the Bay Area first and then move on to the others). I need to say that I am not a big fan of tours - especially, the ones that last over one day (going by myself/ourselves means we set our own time limits,gaze at the sights a little longer if we want,and so on) so where I can, I might try out these themes and more all by myself (again, a good tourist guide can help build great memories of a place - I experienced this when visiting the magnificent Borobudur temple in Indonesia):
1. San Jose and around - Zeppelin tours - this might be on my wish list for some time because of the price tag - $199 for an hour's ride in the Zeppelin - though it will be worth it, I think - a leisurely air ride where I could possibly see my home and my work place and the school from up there. For more information, you can check out Airship Ventures and also see my earlier post on this.
2. San Jose and around - This is the Silicon Valley and I know many of my friends who come to visit here have been thrilled seeing the big ones - even from outside - Google, Intel, Oracle, Facebook, Apple and so many more. That is why I found this tour interesting - the San Jose Silicon Valley tech tour - they are a newly launched (brand new, actually) tour company and offer stops at many companies and tech museums as part of the tour. According to the website, it is not just the stops that make the tour, but the script as well (the narrated tour, that is). It will be really great if we can get an inside look sometime in the future at the future! Couple of other tour companies offer similar tours.
3. Alfred Hitchcock - these are magical words for me - I love the locales he has in his movies, I love the creator - both classy and classic - and here they are combined together with the Hitchcock city tours - the 'Birds' movie tour which takes you to Bodega Bay and the 'Vertigo' movie tour.
4. Sacramento - Old Sacramento Underground tours - though I am not a fan of being underground, I am a big fan of Old Sacramento and love to explore it every chance we get (so a trip to the Capital happens pretty often during the year) - and this tour is something that I am sure all of us in the family will love, so looking forward to making this happen soon.
5. Paris and Rome - Da Vinci tours - I know the book is aged now but the magic I felt when I first read the book is still there. There is a walking tour in Paris which sounds utterly fascinating and Paris itself is still on our to-visit list. Guided tours are offered in Rome as well with the book's plot as the focus
6. Explore the world of Jane Austen and the Bronte sisters! I love their novels and as the U.K. is still uncharted territory for me, will try to see if I can include part of this itinerary when I plan my trip there. If you would like to have the guided tour, I found a few - one of them -
7. And as I looked for more information on themed tours for myself, I found this one (BangaloreWalks) for people wanting to visit Bangalore, India - though I am from there, I would still like to see what is offered when I go next and Discover for myself with new eyes the History and Culture of Beautiful Bangalore

This is not enough or maybe you have already done it! Then you should definitely make your own themed trips!! I would love to do a train themed tour around the world - journey through the world as much as possible using the railways!!
One fun read I found that I am going to read soon - a themed trip British travel writer Joe Bennett undertook after a purchase at his local supermarket - Where Underpants Come From!

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