Thursday, October 20, 2011

Travel Thursday - Find and Explore your areas' Hidden Gems through LikeList

This week, could not catch up on a travel post. Have tons of places I visited and loved to write about but until then, am sharing this if you did not already know about it:
LikeList for the San Francisco Bay Area 
Readers submit the bay area's hidden gems to visit and enjoy and I am finding lots of places that I had not heard about which I am now adding to my 'To-Visit' list.
This week's hidden gem - keeping in mind that it is Halloween in the air - The CandleLighters Ghost House in Fremont
Hope you enjoy exploring the BayArea and also other areas through LikeList.


  1. Its Diwali in the air, water and soil here!! Bright lights and decorations adorning everything...
    Have a fabulous sunday:)

  2. @ArtiThank you for visiting and your comments Arti ! Happy Sunday and a Happy Diwali


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