Sunday, September 25, 2011

Simply Sundays - Spaces!

Why is there a need to fill empty spaces? I am asking this because every time I drive, I strive to have a big empty space ahead of me (distance at count of 1000,2000,3000 as in the DMV books!). I do this so I can safely come to a stop or lower speed when needed - mind you, I am also the driver, who when am right in the front at a traffic light or stop sign, move from 0 to speed limit (not more than that anytime) very soon and leave the other cars literally eating my dust which leads my kids to think I am a Lightning McQueen!
This big empty space does not stay empty for too long or too often as someone merges in pretty soon when they see it - tempting to fill that space. And I googled this and found someone had researched traffic waves - interesting! You can read more about that at
On the other hand, though I do not mind empty spaces in traffic or around home (I actually like the openness of empty spaces at home sometimes), I dread empty spaces in conversations and a lot of people who know me will attest to that. I tend to fill up empty spaces with  lots of words  - some useful, some delightful, and others not so much. Mostly, I just need a conversation starter to start me and off I go!
Note: Googling empty spaces brought me to an article that I found interesting:

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