Thursday, September 29, 2011

Travel Thursdays - Great Travel Blogs

As I dust the murky roads and streets of my brain and catch up on the travel posts I left half-written or unwritten, I knew actually posting something would be tough. So made a list of interesting travel blogs I have found and loved. These travel blogs inspire me to, a) travel (of course!), b) write more informative, interesting travel posts myself, and c) get my dream DSLR Camera sooner!
My list (and this list is still a limited, condensed version) : - Need I say more! - Again, the name speaks for itself.
Travel blogs for Discovering India:

Hope you enjoy travelling on the internet to these sites and while there, get inspired to travel really!

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  1. I want to travel so badly, I am afraid that if I look at those sites I will get terribly jealous.


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