Monday, September 19, 2011

Magic Mondays - Happy Hippos and Posh Puppies

It has been forever since I blogged and this week I have returned! hopefully to stay.
Here are my reviews of books we have been reading over the past few weeks/months - these go towards Read-to-me-Picture Book Challenge and the Library Challenge. 

Hannah the Hippo's No Mud Day: Who does not love a squishy, mushy mud puddle? Certainly not Hannah the hippo! And when her mom tells her that today is a No Mud Day, she tries her best to avoid puddles, but what can she do when you just happen to walk into a mud puddle. What Hannah does then -  enjoy the puddle – and what she does later – ensure she is back to squeaky clean before mom sees her – is sweet and shows how friends can help each other and have fun too!

All the different characters in the book gave me a lot of chances to act them out to the delight of my little girl who fell in love with Hannah and has a new favorite scene (note I said scene and not page) each time 

Fancy Nancy and the Posh Puppy: The Fancy Nancy series remains a favorite with us. In this book, Nancy is ecstatic (fancy for happy!) as her family gets ready to adopt a new puppy. She wants a 'posh' (fancy for fancy) puppy like her neighbor's. In an attempt to help Nancy find the perfect puppy for their family, her parents agree to let her puppy-sit Mrs.DeVine's papillion. Her puppy-sitting adventures help her realize that fanciness does not always relate to looks  but more to what, in this case, the puppy really is like.
As always, I love the wonderful vocabulary, the awesome illustrations, and the lessons each book in this series always has.
My daughter loved that Fancy Nancy found the perfect puppy for herself and her family - a unique (fancy for one of a kind) and loving spaniel called Frenchy (ahemmm!).


  1. Welcome back to the challenge!

    Hannah the Hippo sounds like such fun -- I must see if our library has it.

  2. @elizabethannemissed this comment earlier. We loved it so much I paid a late return fee at my library for this one:)


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