Monday, February 7, 2011

Magic Mondays - The Very Fairy Princess and Maria from the Sound of Music - my little girl..

As I mentioned yesterday on my blog, my little girl is turning five this week. Her antics bring to mind the song ‘Maria’ from the Sound of Music. It is as if the lyricist wrote this song for her. Every sentence in that song is apt  and that is exactly why the new book out (which I plan to read and review sometime soon) – Cinderella ate my daughter – or its reason do not scare me too much. My little girl is a real-life princess just like the one Julie Andrews (Maria herself, a coincidence) writes about in ‘The Very Fairy Princess’. Her favorite colors are “all the colors, including the ‘no color’ of water” not just pink. Here are my reviews for this week towards the Read to Me – Picture book challenge at There’s a Book:

The Very Fairy PrincessThe Very Fairy Princess – illustrations full of motion, energy and whimsy capture the story of little Geraldine. She is a ‘real-life’ fairy princess, the kind who scrapes her knees, catches frogs in mud puddles (how else can she find her prince), wears sneakers (practical princess). This princess loves pink, purple, gossamer wings, and sparkle while being down to earth. The ‘sparkle’ she loves is the one inside every person like when she tells her friend ‘you sparkle when you play your trombone’. This is a princess’y’ story with strength of character.

I'll Be You and You Be Me I’ll be you and you be me – story telling wonderfully childlike. It took me a while to realize that Ms Krauss wrote this book in the language of the child for the child and once it did, the child in me was thrilled. Of course, my little one understood the book better than I did. She must have been thinking, “at last, a book that makes total sense. Why can’t there be more books like this?”
It is a scrapbook of childlike imagination, wit, and wisdom. Maurice Sendak’s drawings though miniature, easily express the endless energy of a child and wonderfully bring Ms Krauss’s ideas and words to life. Who cannot fall in love with a book that has a little bit of observation tucked in the corner of a page ‘two little houses and their smokes are joining’? I just feel bad that I did not discover this book earlier but now that I have (from the library), I went ahead and ordered it from Amazon.
I love it Because…..

Note: If you want to hear or see the song ‘Maria’, here are the links:

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  1. Needless to say, your review of The Very Fairy Princess absolutely delighted me, and what fun to have your very own Very Fairy Princess/Maria all rolled into one! I'm sure she has no trouble "letting her sparkle out"! I'm so glad you enjoyed the book.

    Now I must find "I'll be you and you be me". It sounds my sort of book completely! Thanks!

    -- Beth


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